02 May, 2016

13 Natural Hydrators ☼ 13 Hidratos Naturales


Opening up for May means that summer is just around the corner. If your part of the world gets pretty hot like mine, here's a quick list of the 13 most hydrating fruits and vegetables that'll have you stay cool, healthy, and radiant this summer!

1. CUCUMBER: 96.7% water
2. CELERY: 95.4% water 
3. RADISH: 95.3% water
4. TOMATOES: 94.5% water
5. GREEN PEPPER: 93.9% water
6. CAULIFLOWER: 92.1% water 
7. WATERMELON: 91.5% water
8. SPINACH: 91.4% water
9. STRAWBERRY: 91.O% water
1O. BROCCOLI: 9O.7% water
11. GRAPEFRUIT: 9O.5% water
12. CARROT: 9O.4% water
13. PINEAPPLE: 87.O% water

P.S: Today is the birthday of my big sister, Jeanette! She's partying in Las Vegas right now, but I wish her a very happy birthday!
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25 April, 2016

Going Cruelty-Free: 2 ✾ Yendo Sin Crueldad: 2


The First Upgrades.
Welcome! In the first edition of these posts, I went through the walk of shame listing non cruelty-free items I owned and would replace. Today I'll be showing three budget-friendly and cruelty-free body soaps from my current finds.

Tip #1: Get your Plan A, B, & C ready! Having at least three different options for some products is important; 1. Some stores are too far away & we need closer options 2. your skin does not become attached to the same product and 3. helps support several cruelty-free brands!

These were all found through deep scavenging in the beauty isles of stores. One is liquid body wash and two are soap bars. If you're more into liquid body wash, a good one is Kirkland Signature Natural Citrus Body Wash. I bought this for $1O in Costco and it comes with two 27 oz bottles. The scent is very fresh/tropical, making it perfect for the morning. Between two people, one bottle lasted three months (a little goes a long way). You can purchase it here online.

If you're like me and prefer an old-fashion bar of soap, then these last two are for you: Clearly Natural Pure Glycerin Soap (shown: Aloe Vera) and Nubian Heritage: Raw Shea Butter Soap (shown: Soy Milk, Frankincense & Myrrh) I bought them both in Walmart with the 3 pack of Clearly Natural costing $2.67 and one bar of Nubian Heritage soap for $3 on clearance (original price: $4). They also come in different scents and can be bought online.

Tip #2 : Take extra special care of soap bars by not overexposing them to water. Place behind shower doors/curtains and store in a clear bag or small container. Always put away after every use.

I've been using Nubian Heritage for a month and the bar is not even halfway done. This soap helps me sleep like a baby at night! The smell is therapeutic and peaceful. It also rejuvenates the skin. The body is left squeaky clean with a calming scent and no dry spots. Perfect for afternoon and night baths/ showers.

Clearly Natural in Aloe Vera makes me feel like a tween again! Back in those days, I used a cucumber and lime scented body wash that smells similar to this soap. Just like Nubian Heritage, this cleans and nourishes the skin wonderfully, but leaves me more awake and alert. This one is better for morning baths/ showers and is hypo-allergenic. :-)

Remember that new "Going Cruelty-Free" posts will be published twice a month where I share my transition, new cruelty-free discoveries, products, and experience with certain brands. Use the hashtag #SCAdi on Twitter & Instagram to share any questions or products you like. Also tag me (@Nosferadi) on them for a retweet!
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22 April, 2016

Amigos, Moda, (e Comida?)

Click/ Clic: "Amigos, Moda, (e Comida?)" by Adi Robles. 2O16

You don't have to speak the same language as someone else in order to be friends. A simple illustration can translate a lot. :) Miguel is always posting photos of his delicious breakfast bread on Instagram and yours truly is jealous. If Instagram had teleportation powers, this is what would happen. Hahaha
No tienes que hablar el mismo idioma con alguien para ser amistades. Una ilustración simple puede traducir mucho. :) Miguel siempre pone fotos de su delicioso pan de desayuno en Instagram y atentamente estoy celosa. Si Instagram tuviera poderes de teletransporte, esto es lo que sucedería. Jajaja

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18 April, 2016

Hormonal Acne Tips ☤ Consejos de Acné Hormonal


Girls are not the only ones who suffer from hormonal acne, but both cases can be fixed with the same solutions! Aside from an obvious sign that testosterone or estrogen levels have gone haywire, let's quickly share three main provocations in order to reveal answers. :)

A big acne promoter when the going gets tough.

Anything greasy, deep-fried, or downright overloaded with sugar &/or calories is a recipe for hormonal disaster.

Somewhat unavoidable when living in a city. It's either adapt or lose. (Don't worry, keep reading!)


The best remedies for reducing hormonal acne is to do the opposite of the first two things listed above. Properly doing so will even eliminate the third point!

For stress: 
Remember that nothing is worth stressing over; not a missed train ride, a break up, or a bad project. Life goes on and you should happily do so as well! We grow through these experiences. Take a step back & appreciate the little things, no matter how tough life may get.
For food: 
In order to prevent more pimples from showing up, lightly increase your intake of fruit when you know the hormones are about to hit. It is also highly recommended to drink plenty (but not too much) of water and walk at least 2O minutes a day. This helps blood circulation and eliminates impurities in the body, including the face. :)

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