08 February, 2016

Vegan Valentine Cakes ❤ Pastelitos San Valentín


Still not sure how to celebrate Valentines Day this year? How about lifting the spirit with some mini vegan cakes for a crush, loved one, or yourself! ~.o Don't worry, popular cake mix brands such as Betty Crocker and Duncan Hines carry plenty of vegan options, plus Duncan Hines & Pillsbury have the most commercial assortment of vegan frosting! If you're going for a Betty Crocker cake mix, read the label first since some of them contain milk. So choose your favorite vegan flavors and let's get started! 
{Click the heart to view in larger scale.}
*The ingredients say Duncan Hines frosting, but you can also use Pillsbury*

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30 January, 2016



Spring semester is almost here and I'd like to quickly share my favorite search engine during those sleepless nights of research and essay writing. For those who love to search for answers but also want to save money on monthly electric bills, Blackle will come in handy. This website works exactly like Google. What's the difference? The background is, well, black! Although sounding a bit ridiculous, this search engine not only saves people some watts, but their money AND eyesight as well. High school and college students will definitely feel the relief. ~.o
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21 January, 2016

Vegetarian Sugar!

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Did you know there's a high chance that the most popular store-bought sugars may contain bone char? Talk about kill-joy news to the sweet tooth. All of a sudden, cupcakes and snicker doodles don't sound so good anymore. :( Never fear, here's a blog to trust with a list of vegetarian/vegan-friendly sugars!

Florida Crystals Organic Cane Sugar
Imperial Granulated Sugar
Imperial Powdered Sugar
Now Foods Beet Sugar
Rapunzel Rapadura
Red Path Sugar
Sugar In The Raw
The Raw Cane
Trader Joe’s Organic Sugar Evaporated Cane Juice
Wholesome Sweeteners Fair Trade Organic Light Brown Sugar
Wholesome Sweeteners Fair Trade Organic Sugar
Wholesome Sweeteners Fair Trade Organic Dark Brown Sugar
Woodstock Farms Organic Pure Cane Sugar

American Crystal Sugar Company
Certified USDA organic sugar (azúcar orgánica certificada, sello USDA)
Florida Crystals Refinery
Imperial Sugar Company
Irish Sugar Ltd
Monitor Sugar Company
Refined Sugars Incorporated
Sugar in the Raw
Supreme Sugar Company
Tate & Lyle North American Sugars Inc
Turbinado sugar (turbinated sugar)
Western Sugar

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16 January, 2016



In celebration for the new blog header, I will be giving away a free art commission! That's right, I'll send you a custom portrait of yourself directly through e-mail! The rules are simple:

1. You must follow this blog!
2. Two tries/ attempts per person.
3. Leave your answers in a comment; along with a name & e-mail address I can contact you from.
4. Once the winner is chosen, they have 2 days to respond their e-mail. If they don't, the prize will go to the second runner up and so forth.

How do you enter? Easy. My new header image has 18 fruits and vegetables. The first person to name them all (in no particular order) wins! Writing your answer with more than 18 results does not count, so choose your fruits & veggies wisely! The giveaway is open to everyone worldwide.

Hint: All of the 18 fruits and veggies are located in this blog post (click the flower)  
Some are only in Spanish, and some only in English, so google away!
Good luck!

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