13 July, 2016

The Gym Essentials ☆ Esenciales para Gimnasio


I've been the biggest oddball in gyms until recently changing to a new one. Gyms can be intimidating for beginners and it takes the right gym to know that it suits your energy/ personality. Once you've found that place, the next step is knowing what to take with you. Here's what I take to give some ideas on the 1O basic essentials.
(I always go dressed in my workout clothes to not waste time in the locker. I wear fitness leggings, sports bra, a basic t-shirt, and running shoes; nothing fancy.)

Tip #1: Most gyms provide towels but you can always take your own. Two-three towels are good. One for wiping the sweat, one for cleaning/ sitting on machines, and one for the shower.

1. Shampoo and Conditioner. (You can buy travel-size containers in most stores or online)
2. One clean pair of undergarments (bra, socks, undies).
3. Light, comfortable Top & Bottom to change into.
4. Soap/ Body Wash (*optional)
5. Facial Scrub/ Soap (*optional) & Deodorant
6. Bathing Suit (*optional)
7. Lock and Key. (Tip #2)
8. MP3/ iPod & earphones
9.Water Bottle.
1O. Sandals.

Tip #2: Some gyms have their own shampoo, conditioner, and body wash for members to use and rent lockers monthly. If you prefer using your own products and/ or not rent a locker, then bring along items 1, 4, and 7.

Tip #3: If you have health medications, bring them along in small, labeled travel containers.

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11 July, 2016

The "Black Lives Matter Movement" will fall.


In the midst of the Black Lives Matter movement, rage has progressed and no answer/ solution has been found. American news stations everywhere are constantly reporting deaths of black people under police hands. If there is one thing people have yet to learn in the United States, it is respect and basic comprehension of the law.

Photos like the one taken above are being labeled as "legendary" and iconic. The truth is that the young woman was refusing to obey police command by stepping onto a public street that was previously held off by protesters. The protestors had no street permit and were blocking civilians from using the road. The police are merely doing their jobs. One's form of "making a statement" is another's inconvenience.

Never bite the hand that feeds and protects you. There will always be both good and bad cops, but if the bad were overpowering the good, these protestors would all be badly beaten or dead. The police are not only there to stop them from taking illegal actions and possibly harming others, but to protect them (the protesters) from possible harm as well. Yet, aside from this fact, protestors are oblivious to the truth and also refuse to diminish their pride.

How can someone rightfully say that "All lives matter, but black ones are more important right now"? It is the most selfish act of pride and disrespect to those who suffer in silence, simply because they are not black and are therefore not being "focused on" at the moment. Many of these protestors are defending people of their ethnicity who they never knew. They never met or fully knew the person. They were not there when these people were killed by police. How can someone defend a case they have no justification over? The common answer: "They were black and the police are racist."

This movement will never amount to anything if people continue putting pride over common sense and compassion. If any ethnicity wants to improve in the Unites States, they must separate themselves from the negative image put upon the color of their skin or ethnic background. Live life simply, do not seek trouble. If a police officer tells someone to stop and not move any closer, they must respect the word. After all, police officers are trained to defend under any sign of disrespect or possible threat; to serve and protect the people, this includes protecting themselves.

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