Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Reasons why Ariel is not a bad princess!

There are so many anti-The Little Mermaid folk who call Ariel a horrible role model, indecent, trashy, and many other names. Some have even gone as far as to call fans of the princess "b*tches". I've read plenty of negative posts on Ariel, so why not voice out my own opinion? Here's a list with the six main reasons why people dislike Ariel, and my reasons to why they are wrong. If you have others that are not stated here, write them on the comment box below and I'll get back to you! c:<

The first thing to remember is that this film is based on a fairy tale that has been switched around a bit for the child audience. This film also has a lot of realistic and unrealistic things. It's a film that teaches certain real-life morals with the imagery of a fairy tale (just like many fairy tales).

1. She changes/ wants legs for a man.
Ariel wanted to be a human before she saw prince Eric. She didn't want to become human so she can find a man, she wanted to explore a world beyond her own. Example: My life and city is comfortable, but I'd like to travel overseas or even to the moon. It only seems twisted and extreme in the film because it's a fairy tale. Also! An important scene that goes unnoticed is after she saves Eric and returns to the sea. She plans on seeing him again as herself, a mermaid! She doesn't say, "My plan is to have legs so he can love me!" She assumes he's interested and creates a plan where she can meet him, regardless of their differences. We call that "getting to know someone."

2. Leaves her friends and family for a man.
Remember how she's only 16 years old and her father just destroyed everything she had from the world above? It's common sense that not everyone makes the best choices when they're at their weakest point. Imagine teenage you wanting to go to a concert and your parents not only scold you, but rip off all your posters and tell you that you can never go.
Leaving home for a man is also common in reality. Not everyone does it, but it's a big move that can be taken in life. Whatever happens, you must always learn from it. She may have been 16 and not known prince Eric well, but 1. It's a fairy tale, and 2. If your family really cares about you, they'll be there for you no matter what. That really unravels once you leave the nest.

3. "Unrealistic" body proportions= false body expectations for young girls.
At this day and age, anybody can have the body of Ariel. Whether it be through eating right and exercise, corsets, surgery, or all of the above! Is surgery too far? If it won't bring you true happiness then it's not the right choice. Not everyone will go under the knife to look like a Disney princess. However, I believe that everyone should be entitled to make their own choices.
Our Natural Body: Some of us have the "skinny" gene where we can eat whatever we want and not gain a pound. Some of us have the "chubby" gene where we eat healthy and exercise but gain more muscle than a tiny hourglass body. And we all have different body shapes (it's all in our genes)! We must do our best to keep healthy. Little girls should be taught all of this so that in the future they don't go around despising women who they think look "better" than them. As corny as this may sound, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Before any man or woman, that first beholder has to be ourselves.

4. Eric only likes her for her looks.
Ursula tells Ariel to use body language to make Eric want her, but if you watch the movie closely, that's the last thing Ariel is focusing on. Can't you see how excited she is to get a tour of the kingdom and how she drags Eric (sometimes even leaves his side) to see other things? He wasn't attracted to her body, he was attracted to her innocence, kindness, and fearlessness/ sense of adventure. She has the initiative to accomplish whatever she wants. Who wouldn't love someone like that? One could argue if Ariel has a pretty face or not, but does it really matter when Eric is interested in other things besides her looks?
Another important scene that goes unnoticed is when Eric plays the flute, frustrated that he hasn't found the girl who saved his life and has now developed feelings for Ariel. Grimsby then tells him, "Far better than any dream girl is one of flesh and blood. One warm and caring, and right before your eyes", directing to the balcony where we see Ariel. Afterward, Eric sees the flute, and throws it into the ocean, symbolism that shows how he's ending the search for that "dream girl" and is going to open up to the one that he already cares about by walking towards her balcony. (Then Ursula comes and ruins it! >__<)

5. She's not independent, makes horrible decisions, and can't take care of herself.
It's called life. She's 16 years old and takes a big risk out of anger, love, and the thirst for new knowledge. Just because she can't take care of herself in the beginning doesn't mean that she can't learn. Just because she has a man teaching her new things doesn't make her weak or an accessory. When people watch movies, many unconsciously put themselves into the characters. We reflect some of our most deepest faults and lowest self-esteem points into these films. So if you dislike this movie or Ariel, then maybe there is something in you that you're self-conscious of or frustrated/ not happy with.

6. Eric eats seafood! He eats her friends!!
I'm vegetarian and my husband eats meat. What are you going to do about it? You can't necessarily say that Eric eats her friends because maybe Ariel didn't know any of those animals. And if she did, Eric obviously didn't know that. It's not like he ate Flounder and Sebastian after knowing they're her best friends. It's called forgiveness, understanding, acceptance, and mutual respect.

I'd like to thank Katie from Buddle and Squeak for motivating me to write this post. I've been wanting to write about this for such a long time, but no one ever asked what my reasons were for my belief of the film being misinterpreted. Hope you all enjoyed this and got a new perspective on Ariel and the movie. c;

Monday, September 15, 2014

Sayonara, Facial soaps & scrubs!

Three days ago, my face hit rock bottom with facial cleansers. It's amazing how you can't see the damage done in this photo of me to the right. There are more detailed ones below, but first, let me give you the story of my two-year facial care nightmare.

Back in my glory days (high school) I rarely had breakouts. Whiteheads were nonexistent and blackheads were removed in a flash. I didn't use facial soaps either since I saw nothing wrong with my skin. Once I turned 2O, I decided to try some products from Lush Cosmetics because I loved how many are vegan and none are tested on animals.

I bought "Coal Face" soap which cleared the redness on my nose and past pimples. However, my face dried up after some months and got a couple of whiteheads around the sides of my mouth; moisturizers only created pimples. I went back and got "Cupcake" facial mask which gave me pimples after one use! Next, I used "Polished Perfection" facial scrub from Merle Norman which didn't help, and the whiteheads spread. Finally, I reverted to Lush, but chose something for sensitive skin, which was "Fresh Farmacy" soap. It cleared up the damage just to create its own problems weeks later.

Three days ago was the last time I used "Fresh Farmacy". I was gently washing my face at night when the bottom of my cheeks started to sting, as if I had cuts and someone threw alcohol on them. I quickly rinsed my face only to find the whiteheads on the bottom of my cheeks were bleeding! At that point I had enough and threw away the soap. Below are photos taken two nights ago. It was much worse, and yes, that is what my cheeks actually look like in the photo above.

Moral of the story:
Don't use things you don't need. Curiosity definitely killed this cat, well, at least the face. Unfortunately, even the lip tint I use from Lush gave me a whitehead on the top of my lip and forever left a bump (you can kind of see it on the top left photo of the collage). I still use it, but I use a lip balm first and then carefully apply the lip tint. So far it has given me no further problems.

After two years of facial care hell and countless warnings to not use these products, I finally stopped. One might say a little too late, but better late than never. It's a shame because I really wanted to enjoy Lush, but my experience (even with their shampoos and conditioners) has not been one of satisfactory.

P.S: I did a Lush review about a month after I first bought "Coal Face" and the lip tint. You can read that and see what my skin looked like HERE.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Liebster Award!

I've been nominated by Rosa for the Liebster award! Make sure to check out her blog, Hello Martian Girl (especially you television, film, and comic fanatics)!

The Rules:
Thank the person who nominated you by linking to their blog.
 Answer the 11 questions the nominator gave you.
Nominate 11 other bloggers who have less than 200 followers.
Create 11 questions for your nominees.
❀ Let your nominees know by getting in touch with them.

Rosa's Questions:
1. Favorite pizza topping?

2.  What did you want to be when you were little?
Career wise: a doctor. Dream wise: a painter.

3.What famous male do you fancy the most?
Christoph Waltz.

4. Who is your favorite cartoon character?
Usagi Tsukino!

5. If you could have coffee/ tea with anyone (dead or alive), who would it be?
I'm not a coffee or tea drinker, but I'd drink tea with Mr. Rogers.

6. Your favorite place to be?

7. What do you collect? Or would like to collect?
I'd like to be a weirdo and collect little resin pastries.

8. What/ who inspires you?
My husband. ♥

9. What film do you relate to the most? Or see yourself in.
I'd say a mix between The Little Mermaid and Babe: Pig in the City. -.-

10. Favorite decade?
I've only lived for two, and the 90s were nice. 

11. What are your obsessions?
Pugs. But the only pugly thing I own are two pairs of pug socks. 

My Nominees:

My questions for the nominees:
1. What's your favorite childhood memory?
2. Favorite pastry?
3. Biggest pet peeve?
4. What are you most passionate about?
5. Do you have any favorite nicknames? If so what are they & how'd you get them?
6. Do you believe what your horoscope sign says about you?
7. Hot chocolate, coffee, or tea?
8. Favorite movie? Why is it your favorite?
9. Favorite animal?
10. Favorite holiday & why?
11. There are no lines at your favorite theme park, which ride do you go on first?

Monday, September 8, 2014

Activities for everyone: How to draw parrots.

Drawing used to be a favorite past time of mine that's been ignored for a while. Thankfully, I'm working on a project that requires both my writing and illustration power (I'll share more info on that soon)! Before getting started, I began drawing some animals to get my old drawing groove back. The Graphics Fairy has this neat vintage tutorial on how to draw parakeets and parrots. This is great for kids, adults, and every animal lover at heart. They also have a cute tutorial on how to draw a pug and my attempt at that one is HERE.

Being a good sport, I'll show you my finished pencil drawings!
Remember that practice makes perfect, and that first tries are not always the best. So don't worry! c;

I gotta admit that my parakeet looks a little crazy on the eye. Hahah

This little guy is my favorite.

And lastly was the parrot. I thought he'd be challenging, but I enjoyed drawing in the details.

Want to give it a go?
Here's the link to the tutorial: Learn to Draw Parrots!
Happy sketching/ drawing, everyone!

Monday, September 1, 2014


Top & Dress: Forever 21

Never thought I'd be a girl who'd wear two things from the same place, but it happens every now and then. This is what I wore yesterday to celebrate the near end of summer and to attend a special event. I've owned this dress since 2OO8 and it's become one of my favorites. The top fits me a bit baggy, and I get that that's the style, but baggy tops like that make me look like an oval, so I decided to tie it around my waist. ♡ Hahah

I'm wearing some blue Keds with this outfit, but they're a bit faded so I decided to exclude those. c;

I've been growing them out for almost a year, but I couldn't continue because I was starting to miss my old ones! I've had bangs since a toddler, and I got my first short bangs (above the eyebrow) in 8th grade. I know a lot of people dig the Bettie Page look, but I just believe that short bangs compliment my face better than really long ones. They also make me look wayyy younger! o.~

Yesterday was the 73rd wedding anniversary of my mama Lola and papa Miguel, the parents of my dad. Because of their age (91 and 94) they couldn't have the ceremony in church, so they had a priest come to their home and do the ceremony there.
About three people from each generation of the family went up to say something about them, and I was extremely hesitant at first, but my husband knows how much they mean to me and insisted I go up and say something. So I held in my tears and walked up to say a few words. Sure enough, those crocodile tears started to pour out but I told them how they're my only family and thanked them for giving me my father because he was a good dad. (r.i.p)
I gave them hugs and kisses, and walked back to my seat with great relief and happiness.
I always loved hearing stories from my grandparents, both from my mom's side and my dad's.
Mama Lola and papa Miguel married in 1941, but they dated for two years. However, back in the day parents wouldn't allow their daughters to speak to or see their boyfriends, so my grandparents would send letters to one another for two years, and they were neighbors! I find it so sweet how after 12 kids and 73 years they continue to have love for one another. My grandpapa has such a witty sense of humor and jokes with my grandma, but he's still a gentleman and offers her a seat and moves the seat closer to his. I love my grandparents, and one day I'll show you guys my mama Maria (r.i.p) and my papa Chon, parents of my mom.
Hope everyone keeps enjoying the last of their 3-day weekend.♥