07 January, 2017

Amigo Fiel


Back when I was a little girl in Mexico, my grandparents had many farm animals. My most favorite were the pigs. Although they frightened me for being gigantic, I still loved observing, feeding, and hearing their adorably loud grunts.

One day, all of the pigs ran out when my aunt and I were cleaning their dens and four year-old me tried to climb the wall, afraid that I'd get crushed. The funny thing is that they all went around me while I struggled to climb. It was like a scene out of a comedy movie.
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05 January, 2017

"Carne Asada" Quesadillas (Veggie)


Among the old-fashioned cheese quesadilla, the carne asada (grilled beef) quesadilla was personally my second best. Since I became vegetarian however, those carne asada days have been over for me (fellow Mexicans, please don't scold me)! It's not until recently that I found some veggie meat crumbles and thought of "veggie-fying" a classic. It takes little time and is easy to make.

Vegetarian / Vegan meat crumbles
Flour tortillas
Monterey Jack cheese

1. Cook the meat crumbles with some olive oil until ready or a little crispy.
2. Heat a tortilla in a clean pan. Flip till both sides are warm.
3. Add cheese and meat crumbles to half of the tortilla. Fold the tortilla in half.
4. Flip it and allow the cheese to fully melt. For crispier texture, leave the tortilla on the pan longer.
5. Enjoy!
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04 January, 2017


Click / Clic: "Enero" by Adi Roblés. 2O17

My favorite things about the beginning of the year are cloudy days and the rain. Rain is a blessing whenever we can receive it here in Los Angeles, so I'm ecstatic every time it pours!
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Mi cosas favoritas del principio del año son días nublados y lluvia. La lluvia es como una bendición cuando ocurre aquí en Los Ángeles, así que me pongo extática cada ves que llueve!
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