Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Happy National Pug Day!

Can October be anymore perfect?  Pugs are those majestic beings with an artwork of wrinkles on their face and a curl for a tail. Large eyes that show you things beyond this universe and a personality too big to be contained in those petite bodies. I'd love to wish all pugs a happy National Pug Day, including international pugs! Especially my puggy friends with blogs. Click their names below to visit each one and do make sure you follow them if they melt your heart like mine!

and Mulder!

Sunday, October 12, 2014

DIY Face Mask Smoothie. (Only 3 ingredients!)

Facial care can be a drag when you've got problematic skin, but since when has fruit let us down? Unless you're allergic to banana or blueberry, anyone can use this mask.

I gave up facial care products after a two-year battle with them (even organic) and have been making the slow recovery to the healthy skin I once had before using anything.

The thought of creating a mask occurred to me this morning after my yoga. I just ran out of almond milk and the only fruit around was frozen bananas and blueberries. I decided to make a smoothie and it reminded me of a brighter version of Lush Cosmetics' fresh face mask, Catastrophe Cosmetic. Their mask has more ingredients, but the main one is blueberry.

Unlike their fresh face mask, this one only has three ingredients, is actually fresh, and leaves your skin amazingly baby soft. The price may be the same ($7) or cheaper depending on where you buy, but this mask is actually edible! That means you'll receive all the health benefits internally and externally.



You can now serve yourself a cup and apply some to your face. Because this is freshly made, the nutrients will die in 2O minutes, so drink up and wear the mask till 2O minutes pass. Wash it off with water and pat dry with a clean towel. The last step is to feel energized and admire your soft skin, all thanks to that smoothie.

You can add oatmeal to this recipe. Oatmeal is a great source of fiber, leaves your skin ultra soft, and also helps get rid of redness.

It's been almost a month since my skin recovery, and although I developed some nasty breakouts in between the healing, the damage is starting to disappear. This is a photo I took right after removing the face mask today. My chin and cheeks still have some whiteheads and pimples, but they're slowly going away. To see what my face looked like a month ago, click HERE.

When I stopped using products, I began washing my face with hand soap to help my transition from facial soaps to regular shower soap. Once my face stopped stinging when touched (three weeks), I began to wipe my face twice a day with a baby wipe and then dry off with a napkin. Once in the morning, and once at night. I've been doing this for four days and the change is becoming clear. The only other time I wash my face is in the shower with my favorite shower gel (I'll share that soon). I'd say my skin will be back to normal by late January/ early February of next year. :)

Saturday, October 11, 2014

S.C: Autumn Admiration.

"Autumn Admiration" by Adi Robles.

For those of you who don't know, I love love love art. I'm not obsessed with specific painters or illustrators, but I absorb everything when I'm around it. For no apparent reason, I stopped drawing a year or two, but I picked up the sketching pad and pencil a couple of months back. This return gave birth to my personal illustration style and some loving characters, each with a personality of their own. The first two you see here are Anita and her cat companion, Princesa (Princess).
Each illustration has it's own title, but the main title for all is "Sabiduría Corazón" (or S.C) which means "Wisdom Heart". A lot of things have a deeper meaning in Spanish. Heheh. There is no exact schedule for my characters to be introduced on the blog, you'll just see them randomly. Don't you just love the unexpected? Make sure to keep an eye out for my next illustrations. c;
Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Birthday wishes!

Before reading, click the play symbol below!

It's an autumn miracle! The weather couldn't be more perfect. I wrote an upset blog post yesterday over the supposed 84 degree weather that was going to hit my birthday today, how the leaves were still green; basically how I dislike summer weather still seeping into this season. But out of nowhere, the leaves started to fall in brown, orange, and yellow colors on the pavement today! The sunrise was so golden, the air was somewhat of a warm chill, and the feeling of fall has definitely blessed this day!

You certainly feel the ambiance of fall and romance now in Los Angeles. Sure, I could just be saying that because it's my birthday, but other people have taken notice of this great feeling too. I will share my gifts and activities for this day somewhere this week or early next week, so stick around! 

By the way, the song playing is called "Las Mañanitas". My parents used to play it every morning of my birthday, extremely loud! Hahah If you'd like to see the lyrics with the English translation, click HERE. I must warn you though, the English version does it no justice. ;P

I also want to wish others a happy birthday today! They are:

My fraternal twin @_bipolarbeauty_, my friend @cheeze_gris, and the sass king himself, Simon Cowell!

"The greatest privilege of being a Libra is that
 we can either be the best in the world,
 or the worst. But once we've found 
our balance, no one can reach us."
- The Vegetarian Mermaid c;

Monday, October 6, 2014

Global warming is very real in Los Angeles!

Just a quick rant of something I've been upset with for the past week. Apparently, the weather on my birthday (tomorrow) is going to be about 84 degrees. I loathe really warm and hot weather. Sounds silly because I'm from Los Angeles, but I'm an autumn baby. I love anything from 5O-75 degrees! Don't even get me started on grey clouds and rain; call me psychotic, but I adore thunderstorms and hail.

I'm not going into detail on global warming like others do. To be honest, the title of this post is an exaggeration that I forgot to mention (oops)! I know there's other places in the world right now (México is one) that are hot, humid, cloudy, & with 79 degree thunderstorms at night. Is it weird that I actually enjoy that? It's my only exception.

I began noticing the days become warmer after 2OO9. I remember sweating on my 18th birthday (during AUTUMN)?! Not that I never believed in global warming, but the way I kept track of the annual climate change was through my birthday. The leaves aren't even orange yet, the majority are still green. Remembering the times where my past birthdays had chilly air and warm kisses from the sun is now happening around mid November. Stepping on crunchy, orange leaves in late September and early October is nonexistent now in Los Angeles. Not to mention that flowers are blooming late in season. Appereantly global warming has calmed down a bit; I sure hope so!

I found this website where if you punch in your date of birth along with the city and state you were born in, it'll give you the weather report!
 Ready for this? The weather on the date of my birth was around 67 degrees! That's my favorite type of temperature! I certainly don't enjoy any extreme warmth or heat on my special day, however, I know that my loved ones will make it fun.

You can find out the weather on your date of birth HERE!