Thursday, January 22, 2015

The rape of cultures by fashion.

Since the beginning of fashion, inspiration came from all places. So many, in fact, that most styles are considered stolen or the sugar-coated term, "borrowed". The two most controversial fashions are animal fabrics (fur, leather, feathers, wool) and cultures that are not of the designer's race. As the title of this post states, I'll be discussing culture. Wardrobe and accessories of another race for profit, how clever. The most popularly used are (but not limited to) Native American, Mexican, and Asian culture.
United States, known as the "melting pot" of the world because people of all races live here. The United States is more of a natural juice that was never shaken well, so all the pieces divided into their own group. The fashion world rarely cares for hateful or respectful letters. If anything, they'll probably promote the product more. In cases like these, it is good to know your culture and where to find it. For example, if a white person is selling Mexican purses, I can just go to a Mexican shop (owned by Mexican people) that can sell me the same thing. The key is not to throw hate onto these businesses, but rather purchase them from a better vendor if you feel that is necessary. Are you not a Mexican but want to wear a sombrero? Go ahead. However, I do recommend you buy one from a Mexican store. In my opinion, it's better to buy from someone selling their cultural garments than a white person selling the garments of another culture; usually at a higher price. Think of this action as cultural support instead of racism.
Cultures have always been used for profit (Halloween costumes, much?) and you can't make people respect anything unless they want to. Life is too short to care about what others wear or to be flabbergasted by their ignorance. Look out for yourself and don't become a fashion hypocrite. Don't attack someone for taking advantage of your culture while wearing native print leggings and you're not Native American. I'm sure we've all worn something from another race. Don't let your negative comments make you seem like a dirty Mexican, grudge-bearing Native American, exotic China doll, or *insert your racial stereotype here*. Make confidence your strongest asset. When you are confident, you don't allow others to get under your skin (including their wardrobe and ideals).
Does it bother me when I see a white girl wearing something from my race as a fashion accessory? Sometimes, but just remember that you can't educate everyone or take someone's ignorance away. Appreciate your culture, but at the same time break free from the community if you don't like where it's going. Silence can be stronger than words, and you musn't let the "white man" image anger you to the core. There are both good and bad people in every race. So, most white people have habits and ideals that you don't like, it's still not a reason to attack each other. You keep moving forward in life and leave them in their bubble. Anyone can verbally insult a person, but then who becomes the weaker individual? If you release hate, you'll only receive it back much harder. Don't bother making yourself and everyone in your culture look bad, you are all better than that!

P.S: Europeans are NOT white people. That's like calling a Spaniard white; they're spanish-speaking Europeans. White people are the children of Europeans that gave birth in the United States. Over the years, these children adopted the American ways and you get white people with American (not European) culture. Some do try to stick to their European roots, but it's not the same. I'm not trying to offend, this is just the most basic way of explaining it.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

eos lip balms review.

I've been a large sceptic of the eos lip balms (evolution of smooth) from the moment everyone started to rave about them. In order to get rid of my doubts in the brand, I decided to go all out and buy a five pack. Winter breezes convinced me to try them since my lips were becoming a little chapped. (95% organic and cruelty-free also got my attention.) The five lip balm flavors/scents are: Passion Fruit (lavender), Strwaberry Sorbet (pink), Sweet Mint (pastel mint green), Summer Fruit (red), and Blueberry Açaí (sky blue).

Scent wise, my favorites are Strawberry Sorbet, Blueberry Açaí, and Sweet Mint. Although they all work the same way, the Sweet Mint leaves your lips feeling tingly for a good 15 minutes, which I love!

The major problem with lip balms and I is that instead of moisturizing my lips, they chap them far more than before. These eos lip balms feel thick and sticky when applied. Not necessarily smooth like the brand states. The first day did nothing to my lips, the second day unchapped them, but by the third day my lips were chapped and feeling sticky. I've applied both small and large amounts to try and find what's right. The only time they feel perfectly smooth is when I scrub off the lip balm.

No need to feel despaired though, I took advantage of the sticky feeling by applying my favorite lip tint over. Lip sticks and tints severely chap my lips (even organic ones), so lip balm is necessary. Of all the ones I've used, eos perfectly does the trick. The tint stays in place while keeping my lips moisturized under.

At the moment, I'm using Summer Fruit and I gave my husband Passion Fruit. Heheh I have faith that they'll work better overtime since I've only been using them over a week. In order to not let your lips rely on them, I recommend only using lip balms when you really need them.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Vegetarian Cheats!

There's a loophole in almost every situation, and vegetarianism is no different. If you're wondering what could possibly be a vegetarian cheat, think of all the things people assume are "off limits" a.k.a guilty pleasures. Thankfully, the 21st century has given us amazing products to eat and wear without the animal cruelty guilt trip. Here are some of my personal favorite vegetarian cheats in Los Angeles:
(Word of caution: Don't indulge too much into these cheats.) c[;

1. Veggie Grill is perfect for those having a hard time letting go of meat. Not only is the food fresh and healthy, it's also delicious. That's not something you find very often for vegetarian or vegan options.
2. Hot Dog on a Stick offers a veggie dog and cheese dog on a stick! Yummy and affordable. :)
3. Pink's is the hot dog place that people from all around come to eat at in Los Angeles, but they also serve the dreamiest vegetarian hot dogs! The cherry on top is the more than generous amount of guacamole they add!
4. Burger King veggie burgers are not my absolute favorite, but they're great for long road trips or a night out with friends.
5. Astro Burger serves my favorite garden burger! They make the patties fresh and they're the only veggie burgers that don't make my husbands stomach hurt, which is an extra giant gold star in my book!
6. Roscoe's (House of) Chicken N' Waffles serves my absolute favorite waffles! Compliment it with a delicious slice of sweet potato pie for dessert. ;9
7. Islands has some pretty mouth-watering veggie burgers, but that's a place you go to when you have enough money to spare. Hahah
8. For cookies, Chips Ahoy are my ultimate cookie just like Snickers are my ultimate chocolate bar. My second go-to cookies are Oreo.

In the terms of fashion, I can rely on Forever 21, H&M, and Target for faux fur, faux silk, and pleather garments. You must understand that although I love fashion and know about many wonderful brands and shops, I'm on a tight budget (and lazy sometimes) and just search through things closest to me. I have yet to find out if faux fur coats look good on me, but for those of you who love it, these three places have got you covered. Some others I like are Wet Seal and Charolette Russe.
Earrings: Betsey Johnson ❀ Glasses: Prescribed ❀ Blouse: Forever 21 ❀ Jeans: Cotton On

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