Wednesday, December 17, 2014

S.C: Double-digit Matey.

"Double-digit Matey" by Adriana Robles.

December 17: Matey turns 1O today! Apparently, big sister Anita likes to believe he's still a baby. Chulo and Princesa wait patiently for the cake to be served.

Sunday, December 14, 2014

The popular vegetarian.

Imagine living in the 1920s and asking a baker if her/his cupcakes are gluten-free and vegan? Now step back into present time; there are shops in many popular cities that specialize in all things vegan, gluten free, and Eco-friendly. Does this mean that the vegetarian and vegan movement has become a success?

In my opinion, yes and no. Vegan options are easily available in certain parts of the world but not all of them are healthy. Whatever ones reasons are to leave meat behind, being healthy should always be number one. Just like meat, meat-free options can be overly processed and create serious health problems in the future if consumed too much. Aside from eating, vegetarianism and veganism could possibly be turning into a fad.

The reason I say a fad is because not everyone takes the time to embrace the benefits of this lifestyle. Example: Quits meat but continues smoking (or) quits meat but won't give many vegetables a chance. A walking contradiction, and I've seen them in many places. Another reason these lifestyles could be fads is because of the health/ fitness craze that some people are on right now. I'm not saying that being fit is a bad thing, but reconsider the reasons if they're being done because "everyone else is doing it" or wanting to look better than someone else.

Be healthy and fit because it's beneficial and rewarding. Eat vegetables and get rid of meat because you chose to, out of your own free will. So, is the popularization of vegetarians and vegans in certain parts of the world beneficial? There are fair shares of pros and cons. Even though certain paths lead to better results, people ultimately have the final choice on why they'd choose a vegetarian or vegan life, for better or for worse.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Save a pine tree for Christmas.

The most jolly time of the year is almost upon us and I'm just dreading the return of pine tree sales. Parking spaces filled with beautiful pines that (in my opinion) don't belong in our homes. Christmas trees are like those exotic animals you just shouldn't have as pets. They're messy and a hazard in a classic tradition.

Aside from the mess and fire hazard, people throw them away after the holidays, which is a complete waste and a contribution to deforestation. Ever seen certain neighborhoods after Christmas? The sidewalk and curve has got a graveyard of precious pine trees, some still being fresh! The most environmentally and money saving option is a faux Christmas tree.
Some of the benefits of a faux tree are:
They come in different sizes; some as big as the real thing.
Can be decorated any way you like, just like the real thing.
Don't have to worry about bugs or insects.
Mess-free, since it won't dry up.
Won't catch on fire because of Christmas lights.
Some are already pine scented. If not, you can buy a pine scent.
Reusable for years, saving you a lot of money. You smart spender, you.

Hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas!

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Review: Organix teatree mint shampoo & conditioner.

With a growing set of locks, shampoo and conditioner shopping can get quite picky. Don't even get me started on looking for something cruelty-free! Although my hair is not sensitive to "cheap" shampoos, I've wanted to start leaning towards a more compassionate approach with any products I use. That's where Organix fits the bill of quality hair care without the testing of animals.
The bottles immediately caught my attention and these sulfate-free concoctions didn't disappoint. The bottles seem small, but actually contain a lot of product inside. Since my hair is a little more curly than wavy, I decided to go with the Teatree Mint shampoo and conditioner for hydration.
My hair looks black here, but the photos
below show my actual color.

Things to know: Spreading this shampoo onto the hair is different than most shampoos because they are sulfate-free. To get the ultimate benefit, divide the hair into sections in order to spread evenly on the scalp (a little bit per section goes a long way). After you get the complete scalp, spreading to the rest of your hair is a piece of cake!

Before shampooing this way, my hair would feel dry, but after figuring out what I was doing wrong and trying what I said above, my hair has become so soft, shiny, and smells of chocolate mints! The scent remains throughout the day, but it's not as strong as I'd like it to be. You'd have to grab a curl and smell it to really know. ;(

I'd recommend this for anyone with dry, wavy, or curly hair. This is especially perfect for the type of cold weather that's going on right now in many places. After four months of using this product, I'm barely starting to run out. I'll definitely continue using this on my locks!

These photos (including the one where my hair looks black) do not have any effects, that way you can see in detail the softness this product gives my hair, including my growing curls. Not really sure what my hair color is, (never been dyed) so I say chestnut brown? You can decide for yourself. ~.o

Organix has many different shampoos, conditioners, and even body wash. You can check out their website: 
If you become overwhelmed by the amazing products and can't choose, take the quiz HERE! I just took it and got *drum roll* teatree mint! Looks like I'm on the right path. c;

Disclaimer: I did this review because I'm a fan of the product and bought it with my own money; I was not paid by anyone. Any review that was asked to be done by a certain brand/ company will say "c/o" under the product photo.

Friday, November 28, 2014

S.C: Universal Friendships.

"Universal Friendships" by Adriana Robles. 2O14

If you read the post below this one, you will understand that this illustration is a tribute for Chespirito. He's not a permanent character, rather a gift of gratitude to him and his work. As you can see, Anita is a big fan.