Monday, July 28, 2014

¿Am I a healthy vegetarian?

Taking the plunge into vegetarianism? Great! But did you know that even vegetarians can develop health problems?
Vegetarianism is whatever you make it to be! You can either make it a fruitful benefit or a downward spiral of illness. Taking care of your body may be easier said than done, but that's only if you think of it that way. How do you know if you're keeping your body healthy? Here are the most common signs of an unhealthy vegetarian!

     1. Feeling dizzy (like the room is spinning) in the morning.
     2. Losing weight too fast.
     3. Gaining excess weight.
     4. Loss of energy and strength.
     5. Having difficulty using the restroom (changes in urine and/or stool).
     6. Sleepy during the day but not at night.
     7. Constant headaches.
     8. Have more body fat than muscle, even if weight fits your height.
     9. Constant vomiting.
     1O. Negative changes in mood.

Having any of these symptoms? It's best to see a nutritionist (not a doctor) to help with the problem. This might just mean that you're a bit malnourished and need to eat more fruits, vegetables, legumes, and grains. However, feeling this way before becoming a vegetarian could be a sign of something more serious that your doctor should look into.

Remember to never skip breakfast, my guppies! A simple and inexpensive oatmeal drink in the morning can do a lot since the oats contain fiber and fill you up faster, that way you don't overeat later in the day.
What are some ways that you keep your health on track?

Friday, July 18, 2014

♡¡Fun Size!♡

I was ecstatic when I checked the mail yesterday to find he unicorn dream badge and bow that I ordered from my friend's shop, fashion blogger (and fellow vegetarian) Marlena! I've been dying to purchase things from her shop for the longest time, and I finally saved up to get these two accessories.
Talk about perfect timing too, because they sold out right after I ordered them! The camera doesn't give these cuties justice, but the bow is 5 inches and has glitter and tulle fabric. The badge is 2 inches long with glitter (you can kind of see it on the photo above).

Call me crazy, but I feel like the giant bow and magical unicorn badge help compliment my petite-ness, being 5' 1 & 1/2" and all. Yeah, not even 5' 2", hahah! What better way to also celebrate losing two inches off my waist than with a really cute outfit?! The shorts that I'm wearing were originally an old pair of pants from Wet Seal. I thought they looked a little ridiculous as pants so I turned them into shorts. (>^.^<)
The jacket is a vintage-lover's dream! This baby belonged to my brother Mikey (r.i.p) when he was around 9 years old, which was in 1991. Luckily, my mom kept it in my closet and I began wearing it in high school. The badge has really helped make the jacket mine.
I'm sure my brother wouldn't mind.
If all vintage, hand-made, or pastel colors is your thing, then I really recommend Marlena's shop. She sells clothing as well so check that out too! I guess you can say this blog post was a shop review and also an outfit-of-the-day. I'm just beyond happy and wanted to share with all of my guppies. Check out her shop at the link below. c:

And don't forget to visit her blog!

What are some of your favorite accessories that make your outfits come to life, my guppies?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wordless Wednesday!

Vegetarian Mermaid Fitness! (Month 2)

I said I'd start checking in every month rather than ever week, so here I am since June 16! Here are a couple of things I learned:

1. Mirrors are deceiving!
2. I don't have a broad back.
3. The less worried I am, the better I get things done.

1 & 2. Mirrors are deceiving! They really are. Why else would I continue thinking I have a broad back? The bathroom mirror makes my back look big, but the living room mirror makes my back look normal/ right with my body. What better way to get the right answer than from my brutally honest husband? He said I didn't have a broad back, but that back exercises are still important to do! I make sure to always keep perfect posture when sitting, walking, and exercising. Not to mention that I feel better. ;)
3. The less worried I am, the better I get things done. This is something I already knew about but didn't practice. I'm a really nice person but I've also got a nasty attitude when provoked. It's hard to get me so worked up that I actually say something, but it's happened. Learning to just do my thing makes me feel better and accomplished. Waking up and doing nothing for three hours doesn't feel right anymore. I guess you can say it's a part of me that's growing up.

Here are my measurements from the last time I shared my fitness routine:
 BACK: 15 in. *corrected*
WAIST: 27 in.
HIPS: 37 in.

Below are my measurements a month later:
BACK: 14 in.
WAIST: 27 in.
HIPS: 37 in.

I did my back measurements wrong at first, but I fixed that and found out that I lost an inch! As you can see, my back became the main targeted area. Along with losing back fat, my chest area went down by one inch as well. Does that bother me? Nope! I never had big boobs and (not dissing any girls that have any) I don't want any! My waist and hips remained the same because as I said earlier, my back became the focus point. Plus, my gut is smaller than before! :D

Food wise, I eat whatever I want, both healthy and unhealthy. The secret? Eat slowly! I exercise about three times a week and added some zumba into the mix. I also played basketball at the park yesterday. If you saw me in person, you'd probably think I'm crazy for trying to "get fit". I'm not anorexic or bulimic. I LOVE food! ~.^ If I ever get tummy aches (which is rare), I run for the peptobismol bottle or lay on my stomach just so that I won't vomit. Walking long distances is something I actually enjoy! I'm just what you call a skinny-fat person. I look skinny, but I have more body fat than muscle. I'll check in again on August 16, my guppies!

And now, here are my progress photos!!
The first ones are when I began two months ago (May 29)
and the last ones were taken today!

P.S: I have not weighed myself because I don't own a scale. :( But when I first started, I weighed 114 lbs.
P.S.S: Zumba is GREAT for getting rid of fat back! Or whatever your target area is!

I must admit, I'm a sucker for ice cream and chocolate!
What are your favorite "cheat" foods?

Friday, July 11, 2014

How to save water and energy!

Many places around the world are suffering from water droughts and power shortages. It's officially summer time; a crucial moment for people to be extra careful. California has been advertising it, yet there are still people who don't know or don't care. As a kid, my parents taught me to never leave water running, whether brushing my teeth, washing the dishes, watering the yard, or showering. I was also taught to turn off the lights or tv when I no longer needed to use them. The issue between water and energy is nothing new; people have been worrying about this for some decades now.

Child, teen, or adult, anyone can be told how important it is to conserve water and energy, but the actions are what count. Here are some tips on how YOU can do your part. Not to mention save some money!

1. Shower 10 - 15 minutes. You save 5 gallons of water per every two minutes you reduce in showering time.
2. Use a low-flow shower head which reduces the amount of water wasted. (It's really neat)! You can also turn the water down when shampooing/ conditioning your hair or shaving.
3. Use the dishwasher ONLY when it's FULL.
4. If washing dishes by hand, do not leave the water running. When rinsing, do not turn the water on all the way up!
5. Turn the faucet off when brushing your teeth. Saves 8 gallons!
6. Buy plants that require little watering.
7. Don't flush toilet paper, cigarettes, or anything that you're not supposed to down the toilet. (You know what I mean).
8. If you own a home, collect and save the water from the roof after rainy days to water your garden.
9. Clean your yard, driveway, and sidewalk with a broom instead of a water hose. It'll save you 150 gallons of water AND give you 30 minutes to an hour of exercise!
10. Water your yard before 8 in the morning.

1. Turn off lights when leaving a room. Turn all lights and televisions off when leaving the house.
2. Set your refrigerator between 32 and 39 degrees.
3. On hot days: clothes your curtains. On cold days: open them to allow in any sunlight.
4. Unplug anything you're not using. Toaster, blender, laptops or computers, etc.
5. When traveling, unplug everything in your home (except your refrigerator)!
6. Do not use the stove to warm up the house. Not only are you wasting energy, it's dangerous!
7. Do not open the oven often when baking. It reduces about 25 degrees. Use a timer if you can't see inside the oven.
8. Lower the brightness on your tv, computer, laptop, phones.. anything with a screen.
9. If you can't sleep with the tv off, set it to sleep mode so it can automatically turn off after a certain time.

I hope you find these tips helpful and even rewarding. If you live with small children, remember to teach them too! Getting them ready at an early age is the best way to go! What are some of your water and energy saving tips, my guppies? Let me know in the comment box below! :)