01 October, 2011

The Organic Patch.

I started growing my own fruits and vegetables around March of this year while taking Environmental History and Health in college. These classes backed me up on something I've always noticed when walking into a grocery store: Many of the fruits and vegetables look the same; particularly the shape and size. The food we once saw as being healthy is now being genetically modified to look the same. The sugars in them are no longer the natural sugars that are good for our bodies. The pesticides are harmful not only to the plants but also to us. Some of their seeds won't even produce more of the fruit or vegetable itself! I decided to plant some of my own; having very little experience, I started with tomatoes and green peppers right from the bag of seeds that I bought for only one dollar each. I added no fertilizer or pesticides to the soil. All I used was ordinary soil from my backyard, water, and sunlight. If you grow your own fruits and vegetables organically, you'll notice that the shapes and sizes are never all the same. Today two tomatoes became fully ripe and so I picked them fresh off the vine! I am truly proud to have grown such beautiful fruit. The green peppers are growing as well but still need a bit more time to mature. I strongly recommend organic gardening. You don't have to be vegan, vegetarian, or even pescetarian to do this! It is very relaxing and brings a great feeling of accomplishment when you see something you've planted become something beautiful and delectable. So remember, you don't need to have a lot of experience to grow something that will benefit your health. Just plant some seeds, be passionate about it, and watch your organic garden grow!

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