25 February, 2012

Molly. ♥

I got to baby sit this little chunky bundle of joy today! Molly is a bull dog puppy and here are some pictures of her as she tries to make it through the day after spending it with an energetic heart! P.S: The process is very adorable!

1. Deciding to explore the skateboeard.                                     2. Getting sleepy. .
          3. Trying to stay awake!                                            4. Arrived back to my lap!
                 5. Dozing off. . .                                                       6. and she's out!
7. Zzzzzz. . .


  1. Oh my I have to agree so, so cute. I appreciate the background of your blog and though I am not a vegan (a vegetarian) I support the well-being of animals.


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