05 August, 2012

I set a turtle free yesterday.

Originally there were two turtles, and they were not mine. Now I know you may be thinking- Adi, what have you done?! But it was the right thing to do! The owner (who will remain anonymous) was not taking care of them properly. Never fed them or bothered to wash their little home, never gave them names either. I took care of them without anonymous knowing. I would feed them, clean their home, and bathe the turtles themselves. I even named them Mordecai and Rigby (Regular Show.) Later on though, when I did some research I learned that Mordecai is a girl! Oops! So, what happened is that Rigby ended up dying because he refused to eat. Mordecai would always try to escape and grew to the point where she no longer crawled. When Rigby died yesterday, I decided to finally do something I had wanted to do from the very beginning, which is set them free! I took Mordecai to a pond, and for once in her life she didn't struggle when I carried her all the way there. I'm just glad she can finally be where she has been wanting to go. Oh, and as far as the owner goes, anonymous still has not noticed that they're missing. Unfortunately we can't save all animals from bad owners, but I'm glad that I was able to save at least one. Have you ever known any one who would mistreat or ignore their pets? Feel free to share and leave a comment!

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