22 September, 2012

Empty Refrigerator? A quick meal for a starving vegetarian. (With Pictures!)


This may not be the most finest delicacy in the world, but this recipe helps fill up a starving animal lover when you have little ingredients at home! My boyfriend taught me this dish when I recently moved in with him. He's not a vegetarian or vegan, but thank goodness he has a talent with food and spices! I'm going to share this with you and hopefully you have the ingredients already at home.
P.S: The great thing about this recipe is that anyone can eat them! Unless of course you're allergic.

2 Potatoes.
Seasoning Salt.
Garlic Salt. *Optional
Any Type of Cheese. (Vegan cheese counts)
Whatever cooking oil you have at home.

#1. BEGIN by peeling both potatoes. Simple, right?

#2. SLICE the potatoes into small pieces, but not too small! Like so:

#3. HEAT up the pan with cooking oil of your choice. Once heated, put in the potato slices.
Be very careful as the oil may jump!

#4. STIR the potato slices around and add some seasoning salt. Not too much, but not too little.

#5. CONTINUE stirring and add a little more seasoning salt for the back side of the potatoes. Add pepper.

#6. SHRED pieces of cheese, either with a knife or a cheese shredder on a plate. I used pepper jack cheese since that's all I had!

#7. REMOVE the oil from the pan once potatoes are golden brown on the sides. Sprinkle the cheese shreds onto the potatoes and add some garlic salt.

Now all you have to do is transfer your meal from the pan to a plate with a large cooking spoon, and there you have it! Potatoes with cheese AND spices! ;)


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    1. Yes indeed! I can't eat a lot of pepper jack cheese though because it's too heavy for my stomach. :(


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