05 September, 2012

Faux Fashion: Is it worth wearing?

As I said on my last post (Shopping Nightmares.), my next post will be about wearing faux fur, pleather, etc., and whether wearing such garments is right as a vegetarian or vegan. Honestly, I find nothing wrong with wearing something you love and has no real fur, feathers, or leather. However, there are some vegetarians and vegans who find this type of fashion wrong.

Some people might believe that faux fashion is falsely advertising real fur fashion. I won't deny that about 98% of the time I wear my pleather jacket that people will think the jacket is real leather; but as long as I know I'm not wearing real leather, the thought of others does not bother me. If you love a faux fur jacket so much, then just buy the jacket! Do not deprive yourselves from faux fashion that makes you feel good.

Why might wearing faux fur make someone feel good? Simply because no animal was harmed or killed in order to make the garment(s). So who cares if people think your pleather jacket is real? If they go out and decide to buy one then that is their business. Never force anyone to oblige to your beliefs, even if you influenced them the wrong way. How were they to know that it was pleather? The best thing you can do is tell people that your garment is faux/imitation whenever people compliment the garment. That way they know that you do not support animal-made fashion and you do not let the real furs stop you from wearing the alternatives.

Now, if the sight of animal-made garments, faux/ imitation garments, or even animal printed fabrics like zebra stripes just make you wanna puke, then feel free to never wear them! In my blog, every reader and follower is open to believe whatever they wish, and I accept that 100%.

If you believe that wearing faux fur is wrong and sends out a bad message, then hey, whatever floats your boat! Always remember though, do NOT force others to do the same as you. Let your friends and family wear whatever they want. With that being said, enjoy your fall fashions, with or without the faux garments!

Do you wear real animal-skin/fur clothing? What is your side on this subject or on the fashion industry?
Please feel free to leave your comments. Thank you!

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