25 September, 2012

Vegetarians at Non-Vegetarian parties.

Remember your first days as a vegetarian? Maybe you struggled, maybe you didn't; but one thing I think we all struggled with (and probably still do) is parties! Why parties? Well because what else do they serve other than burgers, barbecue ribs, and beer? Salad and chips? Oh and of course, our friends would rub our vegetarian ways in our face. They would eat meat extremely close to our faces or just make little vegetarian jokes.

What I'm more interested in is knowing where the chips and dip are! That's usually the only thing we can eat. The only way you won't have this problem is if all of your friends are vegan or vegetarian. However, for many of us that's very unlikely.

So I've decided to write a blog post about this because my boyfriend Edward is having his birthday party this Saturday (yay!) Now, here's the thing, he's no vegetarian. I mean this man loves his steak! So there's going to be a lot of meat, and I'm the only vegetarian that is going to be at this party. Go figure.

I luckily have information on what will be served at the party, and don't feel shy to ask what will be  served if you ever attend someones festivities. Remember to also ask if you can bring a vegetarian/vegan dish as well. Or, do the simple thing of eating before you go to the party. Whatever you chose is up to you!

1. Rice (no powdered chicken fat)
2. Beans (make sure they were not made with lard)
3. Chips & Dip (no dips with meat)
4. Cheese tamales &/or tamales de Dulce.
5. Salad (meatless salads)
6. Pasta (meatless)

Now, can you eat cake? I don't know, that is totally up to you because of the whole egg and milk thing. Some vegetarians are cool with eating products with egg, some are not.

Another one I'm not sure of is beer. I personally don't drink beer but I've been noticing that there's Vegan Beer popping up a lot.

Know any other foods that I didn't mention or stories similar to this? Let me know in the comment box below! I'd love to hear your thoughts. :)


  1. Thanks for the article! www.barnivore.com is a great resource for finding cruelty free booze. Remember parties are a great time to showcase just how good our type of food is!! Bring the best snacks and spread the word that the vegan brought them ;) I hope you and you bf have a great time!!

    1. I'll check out the website right now! You're right because I notice that some people at parties are really curious and willing to try vegan food or snacks that "that one vegan/vegetarian" brought. Hahah And thank you! I hope to have a wonderful time. :)

  2. a vagetarian cant eat cake O_O.. thats new thing for me.

    1. Hahah thank you for the comment! Yeah, some people are not sure if they can or not, so my next blog post will be about the different types of vegetarians there are and what they can and cannot eat. :)


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