29 November, 2012

Couple of Facts From: Diet For A New America.

Commercials and stories on the news based upon cancer researchers, food industries, and many others similar to them are nothing new. Problems such as too much sugar in cereals, pesticides, and life threatening diseases caused by food have been promoted in American culture since the 1950s. Why do we still hear about these issues? Because they were never fixed of course by cancer research institutions and the meat, dairy, and poultry business.

The meat and dairy industry like to target us as children, some of us grew up receiving booklets and learning songs in elementary school on how eating meat and drinking milk is healthy for us. Hiding the truth about pesticides and animal cruelty is a main priority for them as well. As John Robbins said in his book Diet For A New America, "The National Livestock and Meat Board makes it a point to 'reach the children of the land at an early age,' and 'prepare them for a lifetime of meat-eating.'"

When these industries would find supposed research made by doctors proving their products are good in a human diet, the doctors were paid by the industries to not say otherwise. This is where slogans promoting meat and dairy products as healthy such as, "Eggs don't raise cholesterol," come along. However, when researchers who were not paid by the business revealed the truth on how harmful the products are, the slogans would have to be removed, but they always found loopholes to get away in.

Drinking too much cow milk has been found to cause osteoporosis, eggs give people cholesterol, meat has been found as the main reason for heart disease, cancer, obesity, and other health deficiencies/ diseases in people. In Robbins's chapter 'Food For The Caring Heart,' he makes a remark on how the industries marketing has affected the minds of people. "Few of us know that our passive attitude is perpetuated by the deliberate efforts to those who profit from our staying hooked on the foods that cause heart disease."

I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in learning about veganism, vegetarianism, animal cruelty, and how the American food industry works and has been working for decades. There is much more information which I couldn't fit in this post but I will make a special post on a specific chapter from this book soon. Hint: Cancer.


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