02 February, 2013

Counting sheep not enough? Adi's sleeping tip!

If counting sheep isn't your thing, and your mind ends up wandering off, try these three steps! This may not be an animal related topic, but more of a health topic!
Ever have those nights where your eyes feel heavy and tired, but you can't fall asleep? People try falling asleep by keeping their eyes closed, drinking tea, or counting sheep, but these don't always work. The best way to fight that tired feeling is by keeping yourself awake! I know this sounds crazy, but trust me that this works.

Here's what you have to do:

1. Don't do any physical activity. Although your eyes feel heavy, moving too much will just wake up your whole body. So just lay in bed and relax.

2. Don't think too much, or don't think at all if you can! Thoughts always keep us awake. The only thing you should think about is how you're not going to close your eyes when your body wants you to.

3. Keep your eyes OPEN when your eyelids feel like closing. Yes, you may blink, but do NOT leave your eyes shut or longer than a normal blink. Also, do not blink very often. Your body will start to feel much more tired since you're not allowing yourself to close your eyes for long periods of time.

After about five - ten minutes you will be fast asleep. This technique has always worked for me and I hope this does the same for others.

Do you have any sleeping tips you'd like to share? And if you try my sleeping tip, let me know if that helped you out!


  1. i dont have sleep problem thank god but this is very nice tips i will tell this tips to someone x3

    visit my blog ^^

    1. hi thanks for your comment ;)
      i already explain in the post :)


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