26 February, 2013

Food Scare: To Quit Or Not?

Have you almost eaten meat after converting into a vegetarian/ vegan? People have had that scare before. Some people have actually eaten meat by accident and panic. "What did I do?!", "Should I give up?" and, "How could I let that happen?!" are all thoughts that people would think in this situation. So, how do you handle the mistake?                     [<-- Picture Source.]                             

First of all, don't give up and say, "Well, I'll just start eating meat again." If you really cared about animals and your health, you wouldn't give up this new, healthy lifestyle.

Second, everyone makes mistakes. We as humans make mistakes and should always LEARN from them, not go in reverse. Why go back to eating meat when you already accepted something better for yourself? Make sure to take extra precautions when eating a meal you are not sure of.

Third, don't beat yourself up. I've known people who gave up right after accidentally eating meat, and I've known people who accidentally ate meat a couple of times till they got their vegetarian lifestyle right. You have to discipline yourself if you want to live meat free and/ or dairy free.

My Food Scare Story:
I've had food scares before. One of the worst was on my 18th birthday. My family ordered nachos and I didn't realize they had bacon (which I never liked, even when I ate meat.) Luckily, I was able to quickly identify the taste of meat and spit the nacho out immediately! I also rinsed my mouth several times. Another time was at a party where everything had meat, even the beans. I tried some of the beans and realized there were very small pieces of meat in them, so I stopped. Thankfully, I was precocious and only ate half a spoonful, and placed the small pieces of meat on the plate.

Have you had a food scare before or know someone who has? If so, did you (or the person) give up being vegetarian/ vegan afterwards? Share your stories and opinions in the comment box below!


  1. im not a vegetarian but i think i know how it feels since i cant eat some food cause of religion believe :3 nice post!

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  2. I like this post. It seems like a great post for the entry veg(an) to read. :)


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