13 February, 2013

Want In-N-Out To Have A Veggie Burger? Sign The Petition!

In-N-Out has been a fast food place I always find myself returning to. The reasons why are not for the burgers, but for their famous animal style fries and chocolate shakes. However, lately I've been getting a little full of animal style fries and would love to see them introduce a veggie burger to their menu.

I know In-N-Out likes to be very old fashion, but having a veggie burger on your menu nowadays is a thumbs up. Los Angeles (California in general) is big on vegetarian and vegan food. Having a veggie burger of their own would be the cherry on top for many of us So Cal veggie lovers.

So help sign the petition created by Ari Solomon on the Change.org website! All you have to do is create an account on Change.org that will take you no longer than two minutes, and sign the petition!

Here is the link to the petition for those of you interested in knowing more information and/or sign: https://www.change.org/petitions/in-n-out-burger-offer-a-veggie-burger

Please help spread the word and share this blog post anywhere you like! Enjoy, animal lovers. ♥

P.S: Once creating an account on Change.org, you will be able to sign other petitions about several different subjects that may interest you as well.


  1. There aren't any In-and-Out restaurants near me (or even on the east coast, for that matter) but I'd still gladly sign this petition! The more readily available vegan food in mainstream establishments, the better.

    1. Thank you for the support and signing! If you ever see one, be sure to try the fries and shakes! Hopefully they'll have veggie burgers soon.


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