27 March, 2013

Wish List Wednesday! (1)

I got the the idea of Wish List Wednesday from fellow blogger Dana on her blog Live Green Beauty and thought that this will be a great idea to share with everyone else. For more information, visit her blog.

Although vegetarianism is what I blog about, fashion is another love of mine as well. So my first item would have to be a sewing machine. Back in high school, I took fashion courses and immediately fell in love with the idea of making my own clothing. My mother made many of my childhood clothing as well, so the love I had for sewing was only natural.

I'd love to own an industrial sewing machine, (like the one back in my moms house) but I live in an apartment with no room for an industrial machine. My best choice would be a Singer portable machine.
I've had my eye on this one for about a month.

Right now I'm in the process of saving up money and keeping myself on a steady budget.
How does fashion link to vegetarianism? The fashion industry has never ending battles with animal rights activists over the fur, leather, silk trade, and many other fabrics made with animals.
I would never use my interest in fashion to create clothing out of these fabrics. I've used the alternatives before and my garments turned out even nicer (in my opinion!)

Want to participate in Wish List Wednesday?
Visit Dana and her blog on the link below, and let her know that Adi from Vegetarian Courtesy sent you.
Happy blogging!
Dana's Blog: Live Green Beauty 


  1. I would love to make my own clothes too, great choice :) x

  2. I love to knit & sew! Love your choice of sewing machine, you can't beat a Singer :) There's nothing better than home-made! xx

  3. omg i need that one so bad >_< good luck saving!

    visit my blog ^^

  4. I think it would be cool to be able to sew your own clothes. That being said, I probably won't learn at this point. ;) Jo


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