01 April, 2013

My Easter Sunday.

With so much commercialism of bunnies, baby chicks, and eggs, I've almost forgotten why people celebrate Easter, which is for the resurrection of Christ. Then I thought to myself, "No wonder some of my friends were going to church all dressed up today!"

I celebrated with the in-laws at the park. The weather was cloudy, cold, and a little bit of rain clouds rolled on by. However, my mother-in-law insisted we stayed a little longer and sure enough, the sun came out!

I was the only vegetarian in our party, so I ate some vegetarian tostadas. I also wasn't bothered by the fact that I was the only vegetarian because I love being  in parks that are very near a forest, and this one was no exception. Here are a couple of pictures from our Easter festivities.

My boyfriend and his mother.

I used to see these little guys in my old garden all of the time. I never killed them though, I just transported them somewhere else.

My view of the park. Just across the street is the forest.

How did you celebrate Easter Sunday, or is this a holiday you don't celebrate? Comments on the topic are always welcomed!

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