15 May, 2013

Wish List Wednesday! (7)

No wishes for me today. If anything, a two year-old wish of mine came true last night! I saw Anvil and Motörhead yesterday, but let me give you a little background history on the situation:  I have already seen Anvil back in 2O1O and was about to see Motörhead in 2O11 but I turned out to be broke. However, I was right in front of the pit with my boyfriend last night and the show was very exciting and my boyfriend caught the guitar pick of Motörhead's guitarist!

There was the usual wanna-be's at the show, but my boyfriend and I have this belief that why would someone have to dress a certain way in order to go to a certain event like a heavy metal concert? Wearing a leather jacket, tight ripped pants, and white high top sneakers with long hair doesn't make you any tougher or makes you know more about the heavy metal genre than someone who is dressed in casual attire to the same concert.

We can see in many of the younger crowd's faces that they are just (for lack of a better term) cowards. I even saw an unexpected face at the concert which just proved our point even more on how fake people can be. The only people who seemed like they weren't pretending to be someone they're not were the people from the age of 27 and up. Why? Because these people lived through the prime of heavy metal. They actually experienced the growth of heavy metal, new wave British heavy metal, hair/glam metal, and thrash. The youth nowadays thinks that because they dress like a certain musician or wear the "uniform" of band shirts and tight jeans that they are very metal, but they are only in denial. Yes, I'm only 2O, but thanks to experience and conversations with people of all age ranges I've learned to not fall into the same place as these young people. Vegetarian or not, everyone should be true to themselves.

I'll go more into depth on the subject in a different blog post. But for now, I leave you all with a couple of pictures from last night. Enjoy!

Lips from Anvil:

Lemmy from Motörhead:


  1. lol the first photo is so funny xD
    looks like you really had a good time!

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    1. Thank you Inge! I'll check it out right now. :)


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