08 September, 2013


Today I met the most amazing cat on the planet herself, Lil BUB. For those of you who don't know who she is, here is some history on her:

She was adopted by Mike Bridavsky, but everyone knows him as Lil Bub's "dude."
Her fame started when Dude posted a picture of her on the internet; after that, the word and face of Lil Bub spread like wildfire through many social networks.

Having no teeth, extra toes, dwarfism,  and large, glowing eyes, Lil Bub stole the hearts of many people and her photos and videos have even brought optimism to many people going through struggling times.

My boyfriend is the one who surprised me with the tickets to her meet and greet in San Francisco. So we left Friday morning and took our friend Ashley with us. We stayed with my boyfriends niece in Oakland till the day came to meet Lil Bub on Sunday (today!)

I imagined myself being the last person at the meet and greet, but I ended up being the first one! I was even there when she and her dude arrived in the taxi. Even though I only saw her ears and the tip of her head in the pet carrier she was in, I already felt so much happiness and excitement! Many pet owners say that animals have special healing powers, and Lil Bub's healing vibes are amazingly powerful and infinite!

Lil Bub has developed such a large fan base that she has her very own movie, book, and t.v show. She also has merchandise like shirts, bags, stickers, posters, etc.

Here is the first episode of Lil Bub's BIG Show!

Her movie, "Lil Bub And Friendz," can be seen on YouTube on the Vice channel. And her merchandise (including her book) can be found on: http://store.lilbub.com/

To learn more about Lil Bub, find her on these other social networks:

Have an awesome Bubsunday everyone!


  1. I am so insanely jealous! Lil Bub is the best cat in the world. One of my friends lives next door to Lil Bub and gets to babysit her sometimes! The world is so small!

    1. She's a real sweetheart. Your friend is so lucky! :)


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