04 October, 2013

Vegetarian Myth #3: Vegetarians Don't Need Exercise!

Welcome to the third bolgisode (blog post & episode) of vegetarian myths! In case you missed the first two, the first one (Vegetarians Can't Gain Weight) is HERE and the second one (Vegetarian Food Is Too Dull) is HERE. This week's myth is that vegetarians don't need exercise in order to stay healthy. Well, are people in for a surprise!

When I took health in college, my professor said a very interesting and important fact; he said something like this: "You can work out, eat whatever you want, and still be healthy. But if you're a vegetarian, eating healthy doesn't cut it. You HAVE to work out as well." That's right, vegetarians need exercise! This is almost like two myths in one: 1. Eating fruits and vegetables is all you need to live right. and 2. Eating fruits and vegetables is a substitute for exercise.
Let's talk about the first one. Although fruits, vegetables, legumes, etc. are vital in our health, we can't ignore the fact that exercise is what keeps us strong. After all, what good are these nutritious foods if we're not putting them to good use? Healthy food and exercise go hand in hand. This brings us to the second myth that people believe.

You need not worry about exercise if you're eating habits are healthy. This is VERY wrong! As this connects with the first belief, people need to understand that fruits and vegetables alone cannot do the entire job. Think of the body as a car. A car needs gasoline in order to work, but the car is useless if you fill the entire gas tank but don't drive the car. Same goes with eating healthy. You can have the most healthiest eating habits in the world, but they'll never affect your body if you don't move your muscles on a daily basis. As a matter of fact, they might affect your body negatively by making you gain weight or store too many nutrients (yes, that is bad!) You need to move in order to get all those nutrients flowing in your body. Your muscles rely on what you eat in order to not deteriorate and/ or turn into fat.

If you need help on exercise and what you can do to stay fit, check out a past blog post of mine on exercise by clicking HERE!

Consider this "Two-Myths-In-One" myth DEBUNKED! Like seeing vegetarian myths get solved? Stay tuned for next Fridays vegetarian myth! And feel free to share this post as well.

Know of any vegetarian myths that you want to see debunked? Comment below and let me know! :)

Happy Friday!


  1. Your professor is right! Working out is important too! I have to admit sometimes I get lazy, and I don't go to the gym for months straight!

    In a hour I'm going to workout on the treadmill, and I'm seriously not looking forward to it! lol!

    1. Hahahah I love the treadmill! xD
      Unfortunately I live in a apartment now and there's not much room for workout equipment and machines. ;( But I live on a hill not too far from downtown which is where I take the train to school, so I walk downhill when going to school and uphill when I come back. I really love walking. :)

  2. We wish we had will power like you- to try to be healthy.,.

    1. Oh I get very lazy sometimes! Recently I've been taking the bus to catch the train rather than walking. ;/
      I'll get back to walking again though!


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