07 November, 2013

"Baby" Soldier and His City!

I was contacted by DogVayCay to participate in their campaign (on behalf of National Pet Cancer Awareness month) that shows community involvement by sharing how my dog represents his city and the city interests.

Soldier the pitbull is the complete opposite of what many people think of his breed to be like. But can he relate to his city? In a couple of ways, yes.

 Although Los Angeles has its fair share of aggressive and stuck-up people, Soldier is anything but! Given to my sister as a birthday present, Soldier was raised in South Central as a pup with lots of love and attention. Proving every pit bull myth wrong, Soldier is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever come across and he absolutely loves my nephews!

 How can anyone believe that this adorable pup is a "natural-born killer"?!

Like Los Angeles, Soldier is what stars and dreams are made of: Magic and a contagiously loving face! Not once has he ever bit me, my sister, nephews, my mom, or anyone in general! The most he's ever done is a nibble.

 I mean, for heavens sake, his BFF 4 LIFE is a Siamese cat! Which is another similarity that he has with his city. Eccentric, yet lovable.
To read more about Soldier and Sheegwa,  click HERE.

Do you have any dog companions? How do you think that they represent your city? :)


  1. Love these pics of Soldier Adi!! His face looks so tough looking yet so sweet! Great post by the way! Pit Bulls are a awesome breed of dog, and it isn't fair that they get such a bad rap! <3

    1. Thank you so much! Many of them are giant babies really. :)


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