23 December, 2013

Affiliate Love: Whole Dog Journal!

For those of you who are dog lover, doggie bloggers or dog owners, then this blog post will be a real helpful one! I became an affiliate for Whole Dog Journal but haven't had much time to show them some love! :( They have helpful articles for dog care and many other important topics. I recently read one that I'd like to share with all of you; the article is about herbal medicines for dogs.

Anything natural that can be given to animal companions is a definite bonus on my side! I wish I could have known about this three years ago, because as I read the article I realized that this herb could have saved my dog, Estrella. The herb is called Lemon Balm. I always knew that a humans health can benefit from the plant, but apparently, so can dogs! If you have a dog companion, then you know that dogs are extremely delicate to many types of foods, and plants are no different. However, lemon balm helps elderly dogs who have cognitive dysfunction or dogs who are developing gas problems. Be aware that unlike humans, gas problems can be deadly to dogs.

Besides helping gas and memory problems in dogs, lemon balm is great for their breath, fur, and wounds. To feed, simply cut the lemon balm into small pieces and mix into the dog food. The amount depends on the weight of your fur baby. Use 1 teaspoon per every 15 pounds. Example: 1 tablespoon is enough for dogs that weigh 45 - 50 pounds. For a fresh smelling coat, crush some lemon balm onto your hands and rub it on their fur. For fresh breath (if your dog doesn't mind) take some of the plant and have them chew the pieces. For wounds, mash the leaves (or use blender) and spread onto the infection/ wound. This plant is literally a natural and organic lifesaver for dogs! Lemon balm is very easy to grow and doesn't require much care; my mother has had some in the garden for over 23 years!

Whole Dog Journal has many interesting articles, and I can agree with this one that I shared today. Soldier LOVES the lemon balm plant that my mother has in the garden. I've even caught him chewing on some of the pieces. His breath is amazingly fresh afterwards! I can also tell if he's been rubbing himself on it too because his fur will smell nice and minty.

Their subscriptions are filled with extra information on training, allergies, food, etc. you can also subscribe for a weekly tip that is sent to your e-mail. Luckily for my readers, anyone who subscribes to receive their articles will receive 38% off! You can click the image below, or on the left side bar under "Affiliates". This makes a great gift as well for your favorite dog lover. :)

Hope that everyone and their fur babies have a safe and happy holiday! How will you be celebrating Christmas?


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