30 January, 2014

"Lifestyles 101" mini blog series!

I've thought about different types of healthy lifestyles that exist and decided to start a mini-series. Each lifestyle will come in an individual blog post with information on how it works and what can and cannot be eaten. I think it's important for people to know about how many healthy lifestyle options there are.

The world is not just black and white, and neither is food. There is more than vegetarianism and veganism; the "Lifestyles 101" blog series will shed some light on these other options. I hope that they enlighten and inspire anyone who is curious to know about healthy living. Some may seem taboo, but remember that these healthy habits must be taken with discipline. Without discipline, the chances of anything being successful will always be unlikely.

"Lifestyles 101" will be held on Mondays. The first one will be posted on February 3; starting with simpler health methods and working their way up to more disciplined lifestyles. Remember to also stay tuned for "Vegetarian Myth Fridays" tomorrow! I hope that everyone has a great Thursday. Mine is cold and cloudy; my favorite type of weather. :)


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