21 March, 2014

EMERGENCY: Two Sweet Staffies Need Furever Home!

I decided to skip "Vegetarian Myth Fridays" today to help these two furbabies. The black fur one is female and the fawn fur one is male. They were abandoned by their previous owner who said that she'd eventually be back for them but never kept her word. A friend of mine has been feeding them but can't keep them.
Their ages are unknown; they don't bite but get excited when meeting new people because they're not used to receiving attention. They're also not neutered or trained. However, a simple monthly bathing and special ointment for their flea problem can help. I'm not sure if many people know this, but pit bulls are not too hard to train. These two have never been trained, but a simple sign of dominance such as an assertive voice (not yelling!) and hand movements has them behaving well.
I don't want to take them to the shelter because staffies are normally the first ones to be put to sleep, especially if they're no longer puppies. They're located in Gardena; if you live in Gardena or anywhere in/or around Los Angeles and would like to adopt them or have more questions, go to my CONTACT PAGE and send me an e-mail with the title "2 STAFFIES" or else it will be ignored.

I shared their story in looking for a furever home on GOOGLE + and so far it has gotten over 30 reshares. If you have a Google + account, please share it to help spread the word for these sweethearts. If no one can adopt them, I'm thinking of contacting Shorty's Rescue or Villalobos Rescue Center. If you know anyone who would love to adopt a loving staffie (in my opinion, one of the best dog breeds) link them to this post and have them contact me. You can also share this on your blog, twitter, tumblr, etc.


  1. love your blog, love what u do for those staffie's if i didn't live in europe i adopted them immediatly(srry for my englis i speak dutch) grtz bless

    1. Thank you, comments like these always inspire me to keep writing. :)


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