14 April, 2014

E-Mail Change!

Ive changed my e-mail! I don't like the fact that I can delete my gmail address but can't make a new one without creating ANOTHER google account, so I'm using a hotmail address now. (I hope you change this policy, Google!) So from now on, you can all contact me at: adrianarbls@hotmail.com

I don't want to make this my main contact e-mail, but google has basically left me with no choice. ;/ Sorry for the rant everyone, I just hate conflict. Hahah

Hope everyone is having an awesome Monday!


  1. Well we still get to write you comments- RIGHT?
    Google does some crazy things and I don't like them messing with my friends...
    gosh - who is next?

    1. You can always comment! :)
      Yes, I don't like it either. I hope they change these crazy things soon, such an inconvenience. -___-


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