06 June, 2014

Vegetarian Mermaid Fitness! (Week 2)

Week two had a fast start and a slow middle. I didn't do as much as I wanted, but I was able to pick up my pace yesterday. I can't do things too quickly because my skin is very vulnerable to stretch marks. I noticed that some wanted to start forming on the right side of my stomach so I slowed down. The point is to slim down my waist, not stretch it more! Hence why yoga can do really amazing things for you!

My exercises of choice have become aerobics, yoga, and dance. Mind you that I'm not paying for any classes! I have to do these either early in the morning or late in the evening. I don't really have any privacy and those two times are the most private that I can get.

Food wise, I've been trying to divide my three meals into six. I'm finding it hard to eat six small meals a day because I'm not used to it. I used to eat that way before moving out. Yes, my gut was much smaller, but I wouldn't exercise! There hasn't been a big difference in my body since starting these workouts, but I've definitely noticed a difference in my mood and energy. I feel more energized and happy, and I'm not giving up! >:)

(JUNE 1 - JUNE 7) 
MONDAY: 4O minutes of aerobics.
WEDNESDAY: 1O minutes of aerobics.
THURSDAY: 15 minutes of dance, 10 minutes of aerobics.
FRIDAY: 15 minutes of yoga, 15 minutes of dance.
SATURDAY: 15 minutes of Yoga.

I don't like planning things ahead because that's almost impossible to do in my life right now. Things always pop up and ruin my plans, but I'll start writing down my workouts for the next week to come. Hopefully it motivates me! And if anything changes, I'll make sure to say so next week!

(JUNE 8 - JUNE 14)
SUNDAY: 15 minutes of Yoga.
MONDAY: 2O minutes of dance, 2O minutes of aerobics.
TUESDAY: 4O minutes of aerobics.
WEDNESDAY: Run the stairs as many times as I can.
THURSDAY: 2O minutes of dance, 2O minutes of aerobics.
FRIDAY: 15 minutes of Yoga, 2O minutes of dance.
SATURDAY: 15 minutes of Yoga.


  1. Woo! You can do it!! My form of excerise comes through my job- dog grooming! At the end of the day I feel like I'm gonna drop!

    1. Aww shucks, thank you!
      Dog grooming sounds like a fun job. Being an animal lover, I'm sure the tired feeling in the end is worth it. :)
      P.S: I LOVE pugs!! I've never had one and have only pet ONE pug, which was in San Francisco. They're so magical.<3


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