02 July, 2014

Best ways to keep fur babies safe during 4th of July!

It's almost that time of the year again where our fur babies run for their dear lives! Luckily, Soldier & Sheegwa have each other's company, but some of you might have just one. I've known dogs and cats who got lost during 4th of July because they ran outside. In order to avoid that, here are some tips that have worked very well for me and will do the same for you. :)

1. Make sure to bathe any dogs either in the morning of July 4th or the day before. Clean dogs= non-smelly house!
2. Walk your dogs at least an hour before the fireworks start. That way they can do their business outside and not inside the house!
3. Have some food and water for them. A clean litter box for the cats. Newspaper for the dogs (just in case).
4. Turn the television on and put up the volume to drown out some of the firework sounds. This also calms them if they're used to hearing the t.v.
5. If they're having trouble sleeping alone, let them cuddle with you. I remember cuddling with Oso & Estrella (my childhood fur babies) and they wouldn't shake so much afterward.
6. Have some doggy or kitty treats ready, or make your own! Reward them for their good behavior and comfort them.
7. Keep ALL doors and gates locked! 

I understand that some are too troublesome in the house, so if you have a small garage in the backyard with a lock, then you can keep them in there. I have one in my old house where Soldier and Sheegwa still live and they prefer the little garage over the house! If you decide to go this route, Do tip 2, 3, and 7, and also make sure to leave blankets, their favorite toys, and hiding areas. An example could be putting in a table with a large cloth over it. That way they can hide under it and feel safe.

Hope everyone has a safe and fun 4th of July! What are your plans for that day, and what do you do to keep your fur babies safe? :)

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