08 September, 2014

Activities for everyone: How to draw parrots.

Drawing used to be a favorite past time of mine that's been ignored for a while. Thankfully, I'm working on a project that requires both my writing and illustration power (I'll share more info on that soon)! Before getting started, I began drawing some animals to get my old drawing groove back. The Graphics Fairy has this neat vintage tutorial on how to draw parakeets and parrots. This is great for kids, adults, and every animal lover at heart. They also have a cute tutorial on how to draw a pug and my attempt at that one is HERE.

Being a good sport, I'll show you my finished pencil drawings!
Remember that practice makes perfect, and that first tries are not always the best. So don't worry! c;

I gotta admit that my parakeet looks a little crazy on the eye. Hahah

This little guy is my favorite.

And lastly was the parrot. I thought he'd be challenging, but I enjoyed drawing in the details.

Want to give it a go?
Here's the link to the tutorial: Learn to Draw Parrots!
Happy sketching/ drawing, everyone!

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