26 September, 2014

The gelatin is off limits!

Who would have thought that the colorful jelly treats some of us grew up with contain bone marrow from animals? Beware, vegetarians and vegans, because Jell-O may not be your only favorite thing with gelatin.

Why is gelatin not vegetarian friendly?
Unfortunately, gelatin is an ingredient that contains cow bones, pigskin, and even hide from cattle.

What contains gelatin?
Anything from Jell-O and gummy bears to marshmallows and Pop-Tarts. That's right, Pop-Tarts are not vegetarian! Not only that, but gelatin can also be found in some nail polishes, glues, paper, etc.

How can I avoid gelatin?
This may not be the most fun thing to do, but read the labels! If you don't see the word "gelatin" on the ingredients, check for anything that says "E441", think of that as a code name. You can also find gelatin-free foods and home products. For example, There are vegetarian friendly Pop-Tarts that don't contain the outer coating. When baking, you can substitute gelatin with vegetarian/ vegan alternatives. Some products are agar agar, silica gel, and dextrins.

Better to be safe than sorry!
P.S: Happy birthday to my husband who is turning 20 today!


  1. Bleated birthday wishes, I gave up jelly a long long time ago. I have only recently started enjoying jelly again, and they are often made with agar agar. Hope you find those products soon.

    Also belated Birthday wishes to you husband.

    1. It's pretty scary and a shame how so many things contain gelatin. And thanks! I just told him. :)

  2. Aye aye! I love your blog so much! I'm on my way to be a vegetarian, too, and it's way too much fun to be one. The process is kinda tricky, silly, but it'll be worth a lot! :')

    I'll watch gelatins more carefully after this. Actually, many jelly products here in my country are mostly made from seaweed or agar-agar, but yes, it can't be as bouncy as we expect sometimes. Plus, candies and other stuff still contains gelatin, too. :(

    I'm feeling amazing after reading several parts of this blog. At least I realize I'm not a lonely herbivore in this carnivorous world. Since, it's not that easy to be a vegetarian in Indonesia. Our culinary vocabulary is...full of meat. ;p

    Happy Vegetarian Day, btw, thought it's 9 days late. :) Keep writing with passion!

    1. Thanks for the love! And I agree with you completely.

      Hopefully you get to easily sort out what you can and can't eat. And you'll never be alone. My culture has many meals with meat as well, but after becoming vegetarian I realized that it has a lot of vegetarian (and even vegan) friendly meals too!

      Once again, thank you very much.<3


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