07 October, 2014

Birthday wishes!

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It's an autumn miracle! The weather couldn't be more perfect. I wrote an upset blog post yesterday over the supposed 84 degree weather that was going to hit my birthday today, how the leaves were still green; basically how I dislike summer weather still seeping into this season. But out of nowhere, the leaves started to fall in brown, orange, and yellow colors on the pavement today! The sunrise was so golden, the air was somewhat of a warm chill, and the feeling of fall has definitely blessed this day!

You certainly feel the ambiance of fall and romance now in Los Angeles. Sure, I could just be saying that because it's my birthday, but other people have taken notice of this great feeling too. I will share my gifts and activities for this day somewhere this week or early next week, so stick around! 

By the way, the song playing is called "Las MaƱanitas". My parents used to play it every morning of my birthday, extremely loud! Hahah If you'd like to see the lyrics with the English translation, click HERE. I must warn you though, the English version does it no justice. ;P

I also want to wish others a happy birthday today! They are:

My fraternal twin @_bipolarbeauty_, my friend @cheeze_gris, and the sass king himself, Simon Cowell!

"The greatest privilege of being a Libra is that
 we can either be the best in the world,
 or the worst. But once we've found 
our balance, no one can reach us."
- The Vegetarian Mermaid c;


  1. I'm glad you got a more pleasant weather for your birthday. Have a great day!

    This week has started rainy and a bit colder here, so I'm also hoping for a real autumn weather.

  2. Belated Birthday wishes my beautiful young blogger friend. Autumn is my favourite season and I hope it last a bit more longer, I don't like the winter at all.

    1. Hahah, Thank you! Autumn is a very beautiful season.


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