15 January, 2015

eos lip balms review.

I've been a large sceptic of the eos lip balms (evolution of smooth) from the moment everyone started to rave about them. In order to get rid of my doubts in the brand, I decided to go all out and buy a five pack. Winter breezes convinced me to try them since my lips were becoming a little chapped. (95% organic and cruelty-free also got my attention.) The five lip balm flavors/scents are: Passion Fruit (lavender), Strwaberry Sorbet (pink), Sweet Mint (pastel mint green), Summer Fruit (red), and Blueberry Açaí (sky blue).

Scent wise, my favorites are Strawberry Sorbet, Blueberry Açaí, and Sweet Mint. Although they all work the same way, the Sweet Mint leaves your lips feeling tingly for a good 15 minutes, which I love!

The major problem with lip balms and I is that instead of moisturizing my lips, they chap them far more than before. These eos lip balms feel thick and sticky when applied. Not necessarily smooth like the brand states. The first day did nothing to my lips, the second day unchapped them, but by the third day my lips were chapped and feeling sticky. I've applied both small and large amounts to try and find what's right. The only time they feel perfectly smooth is when I scrub off the lip balm.

No need to feel despaired though, I took advantage of the sticky feeling by applying my favorite lip tint over. Lip sticks and tints severely chap my lips (even organic ones), so lip balm is necessary. Of all the ones I've used, eos perfectly does the trick. The tint stays in place while keeping my lips moisturized under.

At the moment, I'm using Summer Fruit and I gave my husband Passion Fruit. Heheh I have faith that they'll work better overtime since I've only been using them over a week. In order to not let your lips rely on them, I recommend only using lip balms when you really need them.


  1. I love the shape of them and all the fruity flavours!
    Lynne x

    1. They're definite attention grabbers!

  2. These EOS lip balms are such a hype! I think they're the first lip balm with simple ingredients at those old days. :))

    Anyway, I've never tried one. XD

    1. They really are. Hahah
      But at least the ingredients are more natural than most popular lip balms. I've been using the red one since writing this post and it works like any other lip balm, but it's cruelty free and like I said, more natural ingredients. lol


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