24 March, 2015

Cat eyes without the eyeliner.

Glasses: c/o Firmoo ❀ Lip Tint: Lush ❀ Top: Gift ❀ Brooch: Gift from Marlena ❀ Belt: Gift ❀ Jeans: Forever 21 ❀ Shoes: Keds

The eyes are the windows to the soul; and baby, cat eyes are the ultimate window into the universe. So how can you get them without the rigorous task of perfecting the eyeliner look? With glasses, of course. 2O/2O vision is one of the most unappreciated blessings a person can have, and when you're not in the 2O/2O club like me, Firmoo has got your back for staying stylish while not crashing into any street poles. I was given the option to choose from an array of glasses to review, and I chose these round spectacles.

The shape is perfect and precise for my taste. They're very lightweight compared to my signature pink glasses and compliment my face shape. The traditional cat eye glasses are bold and daring, but don't suit my face very well. The gentle roundness of these glasses help smooth that out for me while giving a slight cat eye flare on the top corners for a unique, sophisticated, but fierce look. The set includes a pouch, cleaning cloth, tiny screwdriver, and case (random design).
What I love the most about Firmoo is that you're allowed to use a photo of yourself to try the glasses on. I'm a very picky person who takes time picking out the best assemble in any situation, including eye wear. You're also allowed to receive them in prescription or non-perscription. If you choose to get them prescribed, make sure you have your most recent prescription on you and visit your optometrist after receiving the glasses to make sure they're correct.

As a gift to you, there is a 5O% OFF code when you visit HERE. If you have perfect eagle vision, they offer a lovely array of stylish sunglasses.

What's your favorite spectacles style and color?

Ojos de gato sin el delineador de ojos.
Lentes: Firmoo ❀ Tinte LabialLush ❀ BlusaRegalo ❀ Broche: Regalo de Marlena ❀ CintoRegalo ❀ PantalónForever 21 ❀ Zapatos: Keds

Los ojos son las ventanas al espíritu, y bebé, los ojos de gato son las ventanas finales al universo. Entonces, ¿como puedes agarrar el look sin la tarea rigurosa de perfeccionarlo con delineador? Por supuesto, con lentes. La visión 2O/2O es una bendición de poco aprecio que una persona pueda tener, y cuando no estas en el club como yo de visión 2O/2O, Firmoo tiene tu espalda para mantenerte elegante mientras que no choques contra postes de la calle. Yo tuve la opción de escoger entre unas gama de lentes para revisar, y escogí estos spectales redondos.

La forma es perfecta y precisa para mi gusto. Son muy ligeros en comparación con mis lentes de color rosa y complementan la forma de mi cara. Los lentes tradicionales de ojo de gato son audaz y atrevidos, pero no van bien con mi cara. La suave redondez de estos lentes ayuda a suavizar la forma mientras dando un toque levemente al ojo de gato en las esquinas superiores para una mirada única, sofisticada, pero feroz. El conjunto incluye un bolso, paño de limpieza, destornidallor, y el caso (diseño aleatorio).
Lo que amo más de Firmoo es que te permiten usar una foto para probarte los lentes. Soy una persona muy exigente que toma su tiempo para elegir lo mejor en cualquier situación, incluyendo los ojos. También tienes la opción de recibirlos en prescripción o sin prescripción. Si eliges con prescripción, asegúrate tener tu prescripción mas reciente y visita tu optometrista después de recibir tus lentes para asegurar que están correctos.

Como un regalo para ti, hay un código DESCUENTO DE 5O% si visitas AQUÍ. Si tienes visión perfecta de águila, ofrecen una preciosa gama de lentes de sol con estilo.

¿Cuál es tu estilo y color favorito de spectales?

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  1. Those glasses are so cute! I like how they have the cat eye shape, but are also a little different than the typical cat eye glasses, too. They look adorable on you!

    xo, Michelle
    Neon Rattail

    1. Thanks, Michelle. :)
      I love the fact that they have many options besides the typical cat eye shape rims.

  2. They really suit you, I think you got the perfect shape and colour. I had to get some new glasses recently and the first thing I asked was, 'do you have a range for people who don't suit anything?' :)
    Lynne x

    1. Awww, thank you.
      I would have said the same thing about myself! It's so hard to find something that looks decent.

  3. haha, that's a good point! Genius!
    You look so beautiful and sassy wearing your new glasses <3
    I've been looking for a new pair of glasses too. I'd love to find glasses with cute round frame :)
    Thanks for the link!

    1. Isn't it? lol
      Aww shucks, thank you. :3
      They have a lot of round-shaped glasses; I was even thinking about getting just round shape.
      And no problem! I hope you find some that you really love.

  4. we like your glasses a lot!

    1. Thank you, Tweedles! Glad that you two like them. :)

  5. Perfect glasses!! ;)
    Kisses from Spain.
    Xoxo, P.

    My Showroom

  6. Que guapa las gafas te quedan muy bien!besos

    1. ¡Gracias! Me gusta que te gusten. ~.o jajaja

  7. I love your glasses!, i've wear glasses since highschool and I always chose rectangular small frames but this time I got black big frames and I can't wait to wear them!
    The Color Palette
    Ay se me olvido que hablas español haha

    1. Thank you! I've been wearing mine since my last year of high school. :)
      My first pair were also rectangular, but they were large (I really love large glasses). Hahahah
      Hope you show a post aoon with your new glasses!
      Jeje Y no te preocupes. Entiendo los dos. ^.^

  8. fantastic glasses! :)


    1. Thank you, Magdalena! Glad you think so. (:

  9. Wow, I think you look amazing with these glasses and with your style in general!

    Have a fantastic day,

  10. Super cute, you def can pull the off, thy look cute yet sexy! :)

  11. The black rimmed glasses look terrific with your hair and the red lipstick! It creates a very bold look.

    1. Really glad you like it, Lauren. Thank you and welcome!<3


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