08 March, 2015

Sunday Spring.

"Sunday Spring" by Adriana Robles.
The view is nicer on Tumblr.
La vista es mas linda en Tumblr.

Is it just Anita, or do you feel Spring getting closer too?
A breezy morning is perfect for playing with your animal companions.

¿Es solo Anita, o también sientes la Primavera acercándose?
Una mañana ventosa es perfecta para jugar con tus compañeros animales.


  1. Love the dog's pose :D it's so cute!
    I love that the birds have already started singing... Spring is my favourite time of the year :D

    Your blog posts never show up in my blogger reading list :'( even though it says that I'm following you... Have you ever had this problem?

    1. Thanks! The days have been sunny now with a gentle chill in the air. :)

      Oh no. :(
      I've never had this problem before; but you should probably contact Blogger about it. I see you on my list of readers, but your comments don't show up in my inbox like the rest. :< Maybe it's a glitch.


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