03 September, 2015

How Far Is Too Far?

What's the magic that all women have and no one can take away? Stronghold/ Willpower. There are many people who try to (and sometimes successfully) blind us of our true potential, especially the ads we see on a daily basis. Self-care should be the #1 priority in our lives, and today's topic is about physical health and self-love. Reaching an "ideal weight" is pointless if the goal is not realistic; this turns healthy living into a bad obsession. If diet seems like a deep problem (whether skinny or overweight), there is always a solution.
Everyone has different body shapes that vary in essential weight and body proportions. The unhealthy fixation of the hour-glass body has led to depression, eating disorders, and self-hate. Learn what body shape you have and how to improve your natural figure. I've known too many beautiful women who let themselves go because they say "fat" is their natural state. Just because someone is naturally fuller doesn't mean they should eat unhealthy. Remember that your body is your home; never add anything that would sabotage your happiness.

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What is some other magic that you've found in the being of a woman? 


¿Qué Tan Lejos Es Demasiado Lejos?
¿Cuál es la magia que todas las mujeres tenemos y nadie nos puede quitar? La fortaleza. Hay muchas personas que tratan (ya veces con éxito) cegarnos a nuestro verdadero potencial, especialmente los anuncios que miramos todos los días. El cuidado personal debería ser la primera prioridad en nuestras vidas, y el tema de hoy es sobre la salud física y amor por seres-mismas. Tener un "cuerpo ideal" no tiene sentido si el objetivo no es realista; esto resulta en la mala obsesión con la vida saludable. Siempre hay una solución si una dieta parece ser un problema profundo (delgado o sobrepeso).
Todos tenemos diferentes formas de cuerpo que varían en peso y proporciones esenciales. La malsana fijación con cuerpo reloj de arena ha causado depresión, trastornos de alimentación, y auto-odio. Aprende cual forma de cuerpo tienes y como puedes mejorar tu figura natural. He conocido a muchas mujeres hermosas que se dejan ir porque dicen "gordo" es su estado natural. Sólo porque alguien es naturalmente más llenito no significa que deben comer comida mala. Recuerda que el cuerpo es tú casa; Nunca añades algo que valla sabotear tú felicidad.

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¿Cuáles son otras magias que has encontrado en el ser de una mujer? 

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  1. This is very true! It's important to be happy, but it's also important to take care of your body and what you put in it. Great post!
    xo Kiki

  2. I love your attitude, and will power!! What a wonderful post!!!

  3. I agree! How could there be only one beautiful shape?
    I think happy looking people are the most beautiful :) and feeling healthy makes people happy.

    It was kinda eye opening and very sad when yesterday a class mate of ours (a 30 year old mother) was shocked when she found out that Photoshop can be used to make people look skinnier...
    It terrifies me that people still think that pictures can't lie :(

  4. I just read an article where Cara said that modelling world made her hate her body... I just think that there really is a fine line between keeping a healthy lifestyle and not having it under your control. You look gorgeous, Adi! Love the way you explained what body is and should be for everyone! My grandma always said that body is just a vehicle to ride you through your life and you should cheat with candy sometimes too. ;)

    Happy Weekend!
    With love, Suzy ♥


  5. Verdad verdadera, a quererse!! :D

    Echa un vistazo a este outfit AQUÍ
    Quieres que nos sigamos? Házmelo saber! :)

    Besos desde
    ❤ Mary María Style ❤

  6. Te apoyo totalmente, siempre hay que aprender a querernos primero y estar en equilibrio. Me gusto mucho tu post c: besitos!

  7. It's true! I do agree with your thoughts!

    Maggie from

  8. this post really appeals to me!

  9. Adi, I think so, too!
    I found other magic for women.
    It is marriage, and it is so mystery!



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