About Me.

My real name is Adriana Robles Ibarra Vázquez, but everyone I know and strangers as well call me Adi. I'm a fashion, environmental, and animal loving vegetarian of five years. I've been known as a "The Little Mermaid" fan since I was a toddler, which has landed me the title as "The Vegetarian Mermaid" (which I'm very proud of!) 

I'm a vegetarian who tends to move away from groups like PETA because I don't agree with their actions and beliefs. I also like to leave my pride at the door when speaking to non-vegetarians. Who am I to make people feel less "superior" than I?

In this blog of mine I not only document my personal thoughts and ideas, but I also provide a broad range of topics within vegetarianism, environmentalism, fashion, and animal rights like recipes, advice, lectures, facts, experiences, and much more. Providing people with insightful blog posts and helping them understand the vegetarian lifestyle is my main goal.

My philosophy?
Eat whatever you want and join whichever groups you wish to be a part of. Just don't force people into your bubble. With that being said, educating the public about vegetarianism is a good thing, but if someone doesn't want to listen, don't make them.

(Every story and example that I use on my blog posts are based on real experiences and are not "assumptions". I never reveal anyone's identity unless they choose to be public.)