27 September, 2011

In between Vegan & Vegetarian.

I'm sure many of us have been there before. We try our best to transition from vegetarian to vegan, and as we start to adapt we can't help but to stumble on a vegetarian meal every now and then. When we think about it, it does feel like a horrible crime. You don't want to eat cheese or products with milk for the sake of cows, but it's hard to avoid these foods and I understand. Becoming a full on vegan isn't something cheap. When money is tight, we tend to fall into a vegetarian life again. You can try saving more money by growing your own herbs and vegetables, but do you have the passion and time to cook? Now I'm sure we've all had the situation where you go to a restaurant with loved ones, and they only serve vegetarian alternatives. Our loved ones may have tried hard enough already to look for a place with alternatives to meat, and we don't want to hurt their feelings, so we eat what is closest to vegan; a vegetarian meal. I've been vegetarian for two years and one year as a vegan. I'm a vegan with a twist though, because I have those rare occasions where I eat vegetarian meals or treats. It's like my junk food; and to be honest, it's not even as bad as the junk food that non-vegetarians or non-vegans eat. Their junk food is hot dogs, half pound burgers, steak, ribs, etc. My junk food is more like cheese & broccoli ratatouille and veggie pizza. What I'm saying is that it's alright to be in between sometimes. Don't stress or starve yourself over the fact that all there is to eat is macaroni & cheese. When cooking or baking you can use alternatives like almond milk, grape seed oil, vegan cheese, and many more products. So don't feel ashamed if you're stuck in the middle. Do the best you can, and if there is nothing vegan around, then your last resort can be a simple vegetarian meal.

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