14 October, 2011

Art & Animals: The Los Angeles Art Walk.

Yesterday was my very first time attending the Art Walk in Downtown Los Angeles. Each art gallery had its own essence of beautiful colors and designs. Another wonderful thing that caught my eye was how many people brought their dog companions along for the night. Some galleries consisted of animal paintings with their beauty captured in every portrait. Of course, art can be depicted as whatever you see it being in your eyes, which is why art is always described differently. To some people, a sketch of a horse falling could just be a horse that is falling, but to others, it may be a sketch showing a marvelous animal with it's own spirit, mind, and heart. Many different animals were shown in paintings, drawings, photographs, and sketches that night.  The artwork to the left shows a skeleton looking up at the moon with his smiling dog by his side. Now try covering the dog from the picture, does the feeling of the piece feel any different? The fact that the dog is there brings a sense of comfort in knowing that the skeleton doesn't have to be alone. Just like us humans and our animal companions: We adore all the love they give to us, and they adore all the love we give to them. Even children that love animals draw them and put their art on the refrigerator. Animal art gives off so many messages that can help people understand what others may see in these beautiful beings. People should understand that animals are not meaningless and should not be called a "thing" or an "it". They have the ability to bond, think, love, and protect. Humans may be the smartest species in the world, but many have yet to understand the important meaning that lies within all animals. One way for people to understand can be through animal art. The Art Walk is always free, it is done once every month, and takes place in many other cities besides Los Angeles. So for the people who see animals as unimportant, go to the Art Walk in your city with an open mind, look for the animal art galleries, and enjoy the experience!

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