22 April, 2012

The End: Putting Animals to Sleep.

Today's blog topic is a tender subject to all animal lovers. Just mentioning your opinion on it can start an argument! The main question for this topic is: Is it right to have animals put to sleep?
When people have had a pet since that pet was a baby, it becomes very hard for that person to let them go as they begin to age. That animal will become less active, their bones are not as strong, they tire easily, or develop illnesses (some incurable). At this point, keeping them around may consist of constant visits to the vet for expensive surgeries and medicine. All for the sake of not losing them. Are they really happy though? The same thing happens with humans. Like the people who would never want an elder that they love to ever leave them. So they do the best they can to keep them around longer. However, when some one's time to go is now, those people and doctors can not start playing God and try to keep them around any longer. All that does is cause more pain and unhappiness in the sick and elderly. I'm not making this comparison as an insult; comparing the lives of animals kept as pets to the lives of a human being. With an animal, there is the option of euthanasia. Some people abuse that option though by putting an animal down for no reason. Sometimes it is just because they no longer want them. I believe that an animal should be put down when you notice that they're very sick and the vet tells you that they'll have to have many surgeries and medicine for as long as they live. If they're very old and suffered something like a stroke and are not functioning well afterwards (like limping, shaking, excessive vomiting, etc), it is best to put them to sleep. A good way to think when going through a situation like this is that you are putting them out of the pain they've been enduring, and (for those of you who believe animals have souls) that they can be with you wherever you go. I've had this incident happen to me twice to two dogs that I grew up with and loved very dearly. They passed away at the ages of 13 and 15. Of course it hurt me deeply, but knowing that they were no longer in pain made me feel a happy warmth for them, and I am a strong believer in animals having souls, so I felt that they had never left.

So, at the end of this post I ask all of you, what are your thoughts on euthanizing animals?
Feel free to be as detailed as you like.

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