18 June, 2012

Health & Fitness: Lessons in Lifestyle.

A very important lesson everyone must learn is how to live a healthy vegetarian or vegan lifestyle! I'm sure some vegetarians/vegans have thought that not eating meat is good enough. Eating right is not the only thing they should be thinking about. I'm talking about exercise! I'm not sure if an animal rights activist would ever tell this to a person, but I will tell you all. If you eat meat, but work out every day (running, sports), then you are to have no worries! However, if you are vegetarian or vegan, you MUST work out. The reality is that you can eat whatever you want as long as you exercise every day. Eating healthy does not mean that you can slack off on the exercise! It is very important in every one's life, whether you eat meat or not. Someone may think they are healthy as a vegetarian/vegan, but it won't matter if they don't run, jog, or play a sport. When I graduated high school, I noticed that I lost some weight, and the reason was because I had stopped exercising. I know it sounds strange since people normally gain weight, but when you're vegetarian or vegan, you don't eat as many calories as someone who eats meat. I had taken P.E my senior year, so exercise was not a problem, but when I stopped, I got thinner, and it could have become a health issue because I'm already a petite person. So please be careful when taking on this lifestyle if you are already skinny, this is why exercise plays an important role. What I began to do was a little heavy lifting and a lot of long-distance walking every day. I also started cooking more often to give my body a steady diet. Here are a couple of tips to staying healthy!

STRETCH: Do it every morning! Nothing feels better in the morning than to unwind those muscles. You'll feel better and your body will thank you. Another time to stretch is before working out, it will be much easier on you.

LIGHT BREAKFAST: Don't eat something that is too heavy in your stomach, you don't want to throw it up later! Try a banana, a very light cereal, an energy bar, etc.

WALK, JOG, RUN: Walking is good, jogging is great, running is better! Whichever you choose to do, remember that small slogan. The most effective one with quicker results is running! Some good places to do any of the three are the park or the beach. If you live in a really peaceful neighborhood then you can exercise there as well. Any place you feel safe and comfortable in. P.S: Do not be lazy about it, walk at least for an hour/ hour and a half, jog nonstop for an hour and a half, and run nonstop for at least 30 minutes to an hour. Push your body to its limits, and remember to always carry water!

SPORTS: If you're not much of a running person (like myself), try sports! It can be Basketball, Volley Ball, Soccer, Tennis, Baseball, as long as it keeps you moving and on your feet.

WEIGHT LIFTING: If you're into the intense workouts, I suggest running and/or weight lifting. Of course, in order to do weight lifting you'll have to do at least one of the things listed above. My best suggestion would be running!

SLEEP: The usual eight or nine hours of sleep is perfect. You may wake up feeling really tired at first, especially if you're a night owl, but try to give yourself a stable sleeping pattern.

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