09 August, 2012

Bella Mae: The Bulldog that survived 500 porcupine spikes to the face.

Pictuer from: elitedaily.com

This 3 year old bulldog Bella Mae is recovering from a porcupine attack that happened to her a couple of days ago on August 2 in Oklahoma. She was in her owner's backyard when she stumbled upon a porcupine. The owners had another dog who was also attacked by the porcupine, but Bella Mae had the worst injuries. Now, what I'm not sure of is whether to feel anger towards the owners or not. It seems like a very irresponsible thing for an owner to do, especially because they already knew that wild animals were going to their backyard pool for water because of the summer heat. I believe that if they knew about this, they should have taken better precautions when letting their dogs roam the backyard, at least keep an eye on them. With that being said, here's the news report video for you guys to see for yourselves. What do you think about this? Do you think the owners have the fault?

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