08 August, 2012

Happy Birthday Dad! Baudelio Robles: Adi's Dad.♥

On August 8, 1958 (8-8-58) my dad came to this world. In total he was just one child out of twelve, but to me he was the very best one. He loved animals as much as I did even though he was not vegetarian. He was a tough man with a heart of gold. Around my early teenage years I was very ignorant and resentful towards him when all he would do was try to make me happy. When he came down with cancer, diabetes, and back problems, it affected everyone in the family. One day I decided to finally make peace with him and I sat by his bed where he laid and told him that I love him. He told me that he loves me too and that he always had. That same day in the night, he passed away. Three months after his passing I became a vegetarian. He gave me some of the best animal companions a girl could ask for. Two amazing dogs, Oso an Akita and Estrella a Cocker Spaniel. They all lasted with me till I was 17 and 18. Everyone he met looked up to him and he could make great friends out of strangers just by talking to them for one minute. He was always more than glad to help anyone and never said, "I quit!" It's been four years since his passing, and I've had a lot of time to reminisce his past actions and how he was just trying to do his very best for me and the family. I soon grew to understand why all my friends would say they wish he was their dad. He had a great sense of humor, rarely said no to me, and loved me very dearly. Yes, overprotective, but he was just looking after his youngest child. So to him I dedicate this blog post, for being one of the greatest dad's I could have ever had. I love you dad.

Baudelio Robles
August 8, 1958 - July 24, 2OO8.


  1. Wonderful that you were able to make peace with him before he passed. You were lucky to have such a great dad.

    1. Thank you, he really was a great person. :)


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