24 August, 2012

Shopping Nightmares. What really is Vegan clothing?

Have you ever gone shopping for clothes, and when you come home you realize that the pair of shoes you bought have real leather inside, or that the coat you bought is apparently real fur? Why, as a vegetarian or vegan you would almost get a heart attack! You wonder, "How could I not have checked?!" It tends to happen when those pair of shoes are so beautiful on the outside that you forget to check the inside, or when it was told to you that that fur coat was "partially" faux fur. Thankfully, if the item was not on sale, you could return it. However, every vegan and vegetarian is different one way or another. You might be surprised to know that some of them are fine with wearing animal furs or skins. Do not attack them though! It is their decision, no matter how wrong it may seem to you or not. Remember, you can never change a person, you can only influence or inspire them to want to change. Here are some tips when shopping and what items you might want to stay away from.

Fabrics to avoid:
1. Leather                                                     There are alternatives for garments made with
2. Angora                                                      these fabrics. The best thing to do is ask. If you do
3. Shearling                                                  not trust  the fabrics listed on the tag, or they don't
4. Wool                                                         make sense to you, ask a store employee for help. In
5. Shahtoosh                                                cases like these, it is better to be safe than sorry.
6. Fur                                                             Remember to always look at the inside of a
7. Vicuña                                                       garment, they sometimes tend to have leather or
8. Silk                                                             silk on the inside. Some garments may say "faux
9. Alpaca                                                        fur" but do not be fooled, what they consider to
10. Feathers                                                  be "faux" could be small rodents or dogs. Trust
11. Cashmere                                               me, the fur industry can be very twisted.

To finish off this post, I have one last tip: Do not let the price fool you. Real leather and fur has always been expensive, but there are such things as $300 "faux fur" coats. Not saying that you would want to spend that much. My next blog post will be about wearing faux fabrics like faux fur, leather, feathers, wool, etc. So do stay tuned for that! The question I ask you all now is have you ever accidentally bought an item with real animal skin or fur, and as vegetarians, vegans, or simply animal lovers, would you personally wear the real thing? Share your comments below.

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