07 September, 2012

Terry Nutkins passes away at age 66.

Terry Nutkins was a wildlife conservationist, TV presenter, and author who lost his nine month battle with leukaemia yesterday. As a young boy he loved to spend time at the zoo and help care for the animals. At the age of 12, Nutkins moved to Scotland and worked with naturalist Gavin Maxwell. While working with Maxwell, he lost two fingers to an otter named Edal. However, that did not stop Nutkins' passion for animals, including his love for otters.

Later in his life, he became the co-presenter of a children's show called Animal Magic and had his own show, The Really Wild Show. He also narrated My Life As An Animal, where young media personalities spent four days living amongst farm and zoo animals.

Nutkins' love and dedication to his work will remain respected by all animal lovers who were impacted and inspired by him. I personally thank him for being a strong supporter of wildlife conservancy and his loving appreciation towards animals.

Terry Nutkins
August 12, 1946 - September 6, 2O12.

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