01 October, 2012

Hooray for October!!! Reasons why Adi LOVES October.

 Me in the early 90s. c:

October is my favorite month of the year because of four great things (besides the great weather) that come in store with this amazing month!

                                        October 2: My 2-year anniversary with my boyfriend.
                                        October 7: My Birthday!
                                        October 25?: My 4-year anniversary as a Vegetarian.
                                        October 31: Halloween!!

So let me explain these in order!

October 2, 2010: Not only did my boyfriend and I have our first date, but we also became a couple. He also happens to be a Libra as well. Just a cute little fact! Tomorrow will be our 2-year anniversary and words can't describe how happy and grateful I am to still be with him. I love him very dearly and I look forward to having a great future together! :)

October 7, 1992: Oh yeah, the date I was born. I'm sure many people feel as if their birth date is the most perfect one for them, and I feel the exact same way. The month of October, on the seventh day, in the year 1992. I love it! :)

October 25? 2008: The reason for the question mark is because I can't remember the day too well, I just know the month was October. I had the exact date marked on my old phone which I no longer have, so we'll say sometime between the 18-26 of October I became a vegetarian! I remember how great I felt by making this choice, and I don't regret that one bit. :)

October 31: Halloween of course! The day where you can practically be whoever (or whatever) you want! Plus haunted houses/ mazes, classic horror flick marathons, and all the great Halloween specials for certain shows! Oh, and don't forget the candy!

What's your favorite month of the year?
Are you excited for anything this October and are you dressing up for Halloween?
Feel free to leave comments! :)


  1. What a great month!! My birthday is July - moving the the US was a great choice because I always get the day after my birthday off and a whole bunch of fireworks! Two years with your boyfriend, will it be an October wedding too? ;)

    1. Cool! I think I've known only two people born on July, but that's so cool that you get those days off!
      Wedding wise, maybe? Hahah. That would be pretty neat, but a wedding won't come anytime soon for the usual financial reasons of getting a bigger place.

  2. Replies
    1. Definitely! Hahah care to join? x)

  3. Sounds like you have a lot of great reasons to love October. :) For me November is my favorite month because it's my Birthday then. Haha I think many people will like their birth month best. I hadn't thought of that until you asked the question about out favorite month of the year. For my birthday, I ensure that I celebrate through the whole week instead of just on that one day. It's something I started doing when I turned 30 (wasn't a conscious decision, just worked out that way because friends and family were free on different days) and it was so great that I decided to make to a tradition. :)

    Last year November was extra special because that was when both my parents decided to be vegan, after many years of my trying to convince them to do so. It was the best birthday gift I could ever get! My parents health. :)

    I'm totally looking forward tall the awesomeness this Nov will bring. Until then, so far this year Oct has been the best because I'm havi so much fun doing MoFo.

    Enjoy your special month! :)

    1. Ahahah it's cool! I understood everything so don't worry. ^.^ That's awesome to hear! My mom is practically vegetarian because when I still lived at home she would eat the same things I would to waste less money on meat and whatnot. Except she still bought dairy milk for herself.

      What day of November is your birthday? My best friend's birthday is also on November. :) Hope you enjoy your week long birthday celebration when it comes! Do you have any ideas on what you might do or where to go?

  4. Happy Birthday, fellow Libra. (Mine is October 1) and Happy Anniversary and Happy Halloween!

    1. Awww happy belated birthday!! Thank you very much. :)

  5. omg happy happy happy xD its a happy month! I wish you a happy bday in pupe xD

    1. Hahah thanks! And thank you for the poupee gifts!

  6. i love this list! i think my favorite months are october, may, and july ;)

  7. Cool! My sister's birthday is on May. :) When is your birthday?

  8. October is a great month, the leaves turn, we get to pull out of fall wardrobe and the weather seems to be gorgeous every day in October!

    August however is my favorite month, it is my birth month, so have always been partial to it and its sunshiny days.

    Just happened onto your blog today doing a web search of baby sloths, funny!

    I am a lacto-vegetarian most days, but I do have an occassion to throw a flare of Ovo into that as I cannot avoid hard boiled eggs. They are my being a vegan weakness!! I can drop the lacto if I had to, but can't manage to find hard boiled egg alternatives, LOL

    1. I love the sweater season myself. :)

      I love August too because it reminds me of volleyball nights back in high school during summer vacation. Very good times and August nights are great!

      Hahah oh yes, you were directed to the "If you could, would you?" blog post of mine.

      It's more common than people think for vegetarians to switch around from time to time. I don't believe there is an alternative for hard boiled eggs either! x)

      Well thank you for stopping by, it was nice hearing your opinions! :)

  9. Happy Belated Birthday, Adi! Guess what, my wedding anniversary is Oct 2nd too! It's a great thing.

    1. Thank you!
      Awww that's so sweet. :)
      It really is a great thing.
      Thanks you for visiting my blog by the way!


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