12 October, 2012

What type of Vegetarian are you? Find out here!

Hey there everyone! How's this lovely October going for all of you? My next celebration this month will be my fourth year as a vegetarian!

Speaking of vegetarianism, here's a great topic for today, especially for the sweet newbies of the vegetarian and vegan world! What kind of vegetarian are you?

You might be thinking, "There's different types?" and there is! Apparently I'm more of a Lactovegetarian, but sometimes I'm a lacto-ovovegetarian too. The only times I eat dairy is when it's cheese or treats that are made with dairy milk. And I only eat eggs when there's absolutely nothing else to eat at home but an egg!

Below is a list of the different vegetarian lifestyles there are. I don't like calling them diets because I don't do this to lose weight.

Types of vegetarians

Vegan: A vegans main eats are beans, fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains. They receive their protein from no animal products. This means no types of meat, fish, poultry, or dairy.

Lactovegetarian:  A lactovegetarian eats the same things as a vegan but does eat dairy products. However, they don't eat eggs or any other poultry, fish, or meat. These are considered your basic vegetarians.

Lacto-ovovegetarian: A lacto-ovovegetarian will eat dairy products, meaning milk and egg. They also eat everything that a vegan eats, and the meat, fish, and chicken are still out of the picture.

Pescatarian: Pescatarians eat dairy and eggs, as well as everything that a vegan eats. They do not eat any red meats nor any poultry (chicken), but they do eat fish. The reason why fish is allowed is because pescatarians prefer to receive their omega-3 from fish. And no, real pescatarians do not eat chicken.

Now that we've got the list down, don't be afraid that you're vegetarian and one day you eat eggs. You were just a lacto-ovovegetarian for a day. I believe that this list is important to know about as a beginning vegetarian so you can know where you stand; and don't worry if you're one type today and another type tomorrow. These things take time because of money and/ or resources.

Hope you guys found this list to be helpful in your pursuits of a vegan, pescatarian, or somewhere in between lifestyle! What type of vegetarian did you turn out to be? Did you ever start off from the bottom as a pescatarian and got to the top as a vegan? Share your comments, opinions, and similar stories in the comment box below! :)

P.S: Let me know if there's anything you think I might have missed.

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