22 November, 2012

I Appreciate Turkeys (My Way!)

[Picture Source.]                                 Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Yes, I'm vegetarian, but this is just a holiday of habit, my family has celebrated every year. Funny thing though, even before I was vegetarian, I never liked turkey. I absolutely adore the animal, but not the taste.

Unfortunately, they're not appreciated in the manner that they should be. As Morrissey says during and after his time in The Smiths, "And the turkey you festively slice is murder," and how it's, "Sizzling blood and the unholy stench of murder."

However, on a more tender and loving note, I'd love to share a film on this post. A film that I watched on PBS last year and has remained in my heart ever since. The title is "My Life As a Turkey" in which Joe Hutto is left with a batch of wild turkey eggs on his front yard. What happens afterward is a story that many would never expect. The best part is the fact that the film is based on a true story.

Below is the link to the full version of the film, thanks to PBS. I recommend this film to everyone: Vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, and meat eaters as well. I hope you all enjoy and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I look forward to enjoying some pumpkin pie.


  1. Hello, Adi! First of all, my name is Bianca, nice to meet you! I'm came to know about your blog through your Poupée Girl account (yes, a fashion blog draged me to a vegetarion blog LoL! My name is Miruku there, BTW). I really support those who don't eat meat and even more the vegans. I was thinking about becoming a vegetarian myself, but I don't know if I would be able to make it. How did you become a vegetarian? I bet it was hard in the beggining, so how did you manage to be a vegetarian for 4 years already? Let's keep in touch, shall we? :)

    Have a great week!


    PS: I really liked the style of your blog :)

    1. Hey there Bianca! Hahah, the power of Poupée Girl.:)

      Thanks for dropping by and showing your support. You shouldn't doubt yourself if you really want it. I became vegetarian simply for my love of animals. One day I decided to just go vegetarian, just like that! For me, only the first two weeks were a little hard. However, as I learned quickly of my alternative foods, my new vegetarian lifestyle became much easier.

      We can definitely keep in touch if you like. My blog and I are always here to help and inform. Feel free to look through my blog posts, I have some very insightful writings on beginning vegetarians.

      Till next time!
      P.S: Thank you, I made it on colourlovers.com


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