07 November, 2012

What's Up With America? Prop 37 Didn't Pass.

Prop 37 is the prop I was most excited about. If approved, all food companies that included genetically modified ingredients or substances MUST label them on their products. However, despite the best choice being crystal clear, the prop did not pass.

When I saw the prop results last night, I felt as if three things could have happened:
1. People did not read or understand the ballot well enough and just relied on commercials saying No on Prop 37.
2. Billion-dollar food companies payed, made negotiations (basically cheated) the system for the prop not to pass.
3. Americans just don't care what's in their food, but they DON'T want to know either.

Every prop has Pros and Cons. The Pro and Con for Prop 37 is:
PRO: All food companies must label their products as genetically modified if they fit the criteria. Anything from pesticides, hormones, etc. This way, people will be informed and can choose whether they want to buy the product or not.

CON: The Con does not affect us (the consumers) but the damage will be done to farmers and food companies. If people find out what is in their food and don't like the product anymore, small businesses that sell these products will lose clientele, meaning that large businesses will lose money and farmers will lose cropping business.

These big businesses produce very cheap and don't want to waste money in their products, which is why I believe that they might have something to do with the prop not passing. Since the early 70s, food companies have been doing such things. The milk and dairy industry would pay large sums to create commercials, billboards, and children booklets to convince people that their products are "healthy." (I'll write a blog post about this soon.)

There might be an investigation on prop 37 not passing. I hope there is one because this all seems too suspicious, especially because these businesses are known to do such actions. Hopefully all things go well and some good news comes out from this prop.


  1. This pisses me off. I wish 'natural' flavors were regulated too.

    <3 Melissa

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  4. I moved to the US from a place where it's been on labels for ages - seems strange it's such a big deal here. I though this was a free county but I'm not even allowed to know what I'm eating.

    1. Really? I didn't know you guys would already label them; lucky you.

      Yeah, I'll start doing my homework and refresh my memory for my next blog post which will be about how the U.S. has been doing this for decades.

  5. It's been law since 1997...


    Time for America to catch up and stop being pushed around by big business. Saying if something is GMO or not really isn't that big a deal. It seems fairly obvious that we have the right to know what we are buying in a free country. America should be leading the world on this not lagging FIFTEEN years behind.

  6. I'll check out the link, thank you.

    I agree with you on that too, it's not right how we are still hiding these things where other places have been revealing theirs.


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