28 December, 2012

Along Came A Tiger.

With all the Christmas festivities over, I found some time to visit my best friend from high school, Jasmin (a.k.a. Kiwi) at her place. We've been friends since we were 15 back in 10th grade; and out of all the times I've been to her house, I never realized till today how sweet and friendly the pets in her neighborhood are.

The gated neighborhood she lives in is like a peaceful and surreal park. The trees are an array of green and orange, the fountain is up and running, and the weather was just perfect today. As we sat near a tree, a puppy came running towards us and let us take turns petting him. He belonged to a little boy who was walking by.

Not too long after the puppy left, I saw a cat walking towards a tree. He immediately noticed me and peeked almost in a smiling manner from behind the tree. Normally cats will run away when strangers try calling them, let alone walk towards them! So when we got close enough, I called him to come over, and miraculously, he did! In a very happy manner too. His nose and body structure reminded me of a tiger. I mean, this is one really big cat!

Turns out that cat is the father of one of Kiwi's cats (she has two.) He was being very friendly and loved the attention we were giving him. The nature of these animals actually fascinated me. They trust anyone who approaches them. The reason being is because they live in that gated neighborhood.

This experience almost seemed like an experiment showing how the nature of animals changes when they are put in a gated environment with humans, other animals,  and hardly any danger around them. They become sweet and trustful with everyone. I just hope none of these animals get lost in the outside world. The downfall would be them not knowing how to defend themselves towards the wrong people and aggressive animals. However, their owners are kind, responsible people and I'm sure they will remain safe. :)

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