20 December, 2012

Vegan Holiday Goodies! (Courtesy of Amey.)

As you all know now, (or maybe you don't) I'm starting to do some yoga, and my body is feeling the change! I only started two days ago but I already feel the difference. My body really just had to unwind.

So yoga is going pretty well, thankfully! And speaking of yoga, as I was browsing through the blogs I follow, a specific post caught my attention by a blogger I follow named Amey and her blog Vegan Eats and Treats! The photo for the blog post is the one below, consisting of gingerbread people in yoga poses. I thought this was just great and wanted to share with everyone.

Here is one picture that she shared. Clicking on [Source.] will link you to her blog. :)

Amey is a vegan and yoga instructor too. I barely found out the yoga thing today and that she made these cookies for her students. Lucky them. :9 If you'd like to read more on these vegan delights, check out the original blog post by clicking here --> Vegan Eats and Treats!

Hope everyone has fun during the Holidays, I'm sure the world will NOT end tomorrow.


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