02 January, 2013


Now that 2O12 is over, I might possibly get a job soon (yay!) and I'll continue being a vegetarian this year. After all, this was never a temporary lifestyle. I think people who only become vegetarians for a specific amount of time and then eat meat again is a shame. A proper vegetarian lifestyle can be rewarding and even life changing to some people.

All I did for new years was eat lentils with Tab as my drink of choice. Plus, I watched the Garbage Pail Kids movie, you know, those little old trading cards where the characters are the total opposite of the Cabbage Patch Kids?

So my last day of 2O12 was pretty retro, I even got to hang around the animals I love near the end of the year as well. I feel as if my 2O13 is continuing retro too. When I woke up on the morning of January 1, 2O13, I had a classic song playing in my head by Leo Dan. Better yet, I'll end this post with the video of him performing the song back in the 60s. Hope you all had a pretty cool new year, enjoy. (;

P.S: I reallyreallyreally LOVE this song!


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