29 January, 2013

Vegetarian: What's the best reason to be one?

I've been asked many times why I chose to be a vegetarian. Some people believe this lifestyle is taken on for health reasons, others think I'm an animal lover, and some (I'll admit) think I'm just plain crazy. But what is the "right" reason?

My reasons:
Let's face the truth. For as long as I can remember, I LOVE animals. Ironically, I was scared of puppies and some medium size dogs as a toddler. As I got older however, the fear went  away and I became fascinated and attached with all animals, domestic and wild.

I had thought of becoming a vegetarian sometime around high school. I was those type of people who would say, "I really love animals, but I really love burgers and tacos too." Yeah, I was one of t h o s e   people. I had seen the slaughter house and animal abuse videos countless of times. Thinking back to this I feel like I was so cold hearted. :(

But when I turned 16, I saw one video that just turned everything around. The video was about the usual slaughter house/ animal abuse, but something about that video, or that day just made me change my mind about eating meat again. I cried when I saw this video, and that day I quit meat, cold turkey.

I never thought about my health when I chose to live this new lifestyle. As time went by though, I began to look after my health and make sure I remained healthy.

Many vegetarians and vegans have their own reasons on why they chose this lifestyle, but is there really a correct reason? Health, animal cruelty, allergies, likes and dislikes, who are we to say which is the best reason? I believe that doing this for the animals and our environment (as corny as that may sound) is a great reason to be vegetarian/ vegan.

What are your reasons, and do you believe that some reasons are better than others?


  1. I have the same reasons as you. I first felt sorry for the animals - the health reasons were a happy bonus. My explorations with food have led to healthier living over the years.

    1. Glad to hear your thoughts and personal reasons. :)
      I agree that the health reason does come as an extra bonus to this lifestyle.

  2. For me, being vegan has always been an ethical decision. My transition from veg to vegan a few years ago was inspired by further reducing the amount of animal cruelty I contribute to.
    I understand the other choices, and don't think that any or wrong. I think it's just all a matter of personal opinion, much like religion and politics.


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