25 April, 2013

Don't Tell Me How To Love My Baby: Non-Vegetarian Lovers.

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As a vegetarian or a vegan, have you ever fallen in love with someone whose favorite food is steak? I sure have, and I've been with him for almost three years! What do you believe are the boundaries of vegetarians dating though? Should there even be any?

There are people who don't mind if their significant other does not like the same food that they do, but there are others who just can't stand seeing someone eat veil, chicken, fish, or any animal product in general! What if you're stuck in between and not sure what kind of partner you want? No need to worry, all things fall into place at the right time.

No one can ever tell you who you can and cannot love, let alone tell you how to love them, and no one should ever try. In my opinion, we don't have to love people who only eat the same things that we do, but some people really do believe so.

Im not one to judge anyone by what they eat or how they live. If you want to be healthy, good for you; if you want to eat junk food, thats okay too because you're doing that to your body, not mine. One thing I do not like though is when the person I'm with chooses to consume large amounts of junk food and no healthy options or exercise. Other than that, we're good, as long as our personalities and interests mesh well together.

But try putting yourself in the other persons shoes for a moment. Imagine how they might feel about being with someone who doesn't eat meat or (if vegan) ice cream. They have things to think about too when dating someone with a different food lifestyle. So if you're willing to be with a meat eater who wants to be with you, be appreciative of their efforts in trying to accommodate you with food that you can eat.

So the questions I ask you all are: When someone comes along and makes you blush pink with delight, do you allow yourself to get closer, or back off because they order a burger, and have you ever gone out with someone who eats meat?

I'd love to hear your stories, answers, and/ or opinions in the comment box below! :)


  1. I want a vegetarian boyfriend!

    Do you speak spanish???

    Kisses, I love your blog <3

    1. Hahah Claro que sí hablo español! :)
      Y muchas gracias.

  2. since im not a vegan. i dont mind. as long as they didnt eat burger everyday >.<

    visit my blog ^^

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