15 April, 2013

Happy Monday Everyone! Animal Talk.

Normally people are not so happy when Mondays come around, but I actually look forward to them most of the time. They give a new, fresh start to the week, and I love to finish my Sundays with a positive outlook for Monday to Friday.

I'm in a great blogging mood today; the sky is cloudy, the air is cold and lightly windy, just my kind of day! I wanted to ask a question or two to all of my fellow bloggers and readers, no matter what topic you blog or read about. My question is:
What is your favorite animal and why? Plus: Are there any animals you do not like? Which animal(s) and why do you not like them?

I love all animals. Yes, my boyfriend may say that I prefer Pugs above all other dogs, but I love every single type of dog there is. As for wild animals, I would probably say that the sloth is my favorite.
What about you? :)

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  1. Hi Adi! First we would like to thank you for visiting our blog! We love new friends. Mom has been called a pugaholic in the past. Pugs are her absolute favorite breed of dog. They are the ultimate companion dog and more like having furry little people to spoil and take care of.
    Hope you will enjoy reading about our adventures.
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta


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