16 November, 2013

If You're Going To San Francisco..

Hello everyone! My apologies for not participating in Wednesdays "Wish List Wednesday." I was on a double decker bus on my way to Oakland. I'm visiting my sister-in-law with my man and our friend Ashley and will be making trips to San Francisco.

This photo of a flower was taken by me while walking into a San Francisco garden. This is also my sixth time going to San Francisco. I would really love to own a home here and another one in my home town of Los Angeles.

BREAKING NEWS!!! I FINALLY got to pet a French bulldog. I love pugs, pitbulls, french bulldogs, etc. But yesterday I saw one in San Francisco and I couldn't resist! The owners were very nice about me petting him and the little frenchie was sweet, but very focused on the treats that one oh his owners brought him.

I will return home on Tuesday, but I'll try to find some time to squeeze another San Francisco blog update for you all! What do you guys have planned for the weekend?

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  1. just found your blog - it's really nice, very positive!



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